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Further findings: New York City, USA has the highest consumption rate of cannabis , at 77.44 metric tons per year. Boston, USA has the most expensive cannabis of all the cities where it’s legal , at 11.01 USD, while Montevideo, Uruguay has the least expensive at 4.15 USD. While Tokyo, Japan has the most expensive cannabis of all cities where it’s illegal, at 32.66 USD, Jakarta, Indonesia has the least expensive at 3.79 USD, despite being classed as a Group 1 drug with harsh sentences such as life imprisonment and the death penalty.

For cities where cannabis is partially legal, Bangkok, Thailand has the most expensive at 24.81 USD, while Quito, Ecuador has the least expensive at 1.34 USD. Bulgaria has the highest tax rates for the most popular brand of cigarettes, at 82.65%, while Paraguay has the lowest, with rates of 16%. Cairo, Egypt would gain the most revenue in tax if they were to legalise cannabis and tax it as the same rate as cigarettes, at 384.87 million USD. Singapore, Singapore would gain the least, at 0.14 million USD, due in part to the city’s low consumption of marijuana at 0.02 metric tons per annum. Based on the average US marijuana tax rates currently implemented, New York City could generate the highest potential tax revenue by legalising weed, with 156.4 million USD per year . Singapore, Singapore would gain the least, at 0.04 million USD. Selection of the cities: To select the cities for the study, Seedo first looked at the top and bottom cannabis consuming countries around the world. Then they analysed nations where marijuana is partially or completely legal, as well as illegal, and selected the final list of 120 cities in order to best offer a representative comparison of the global cannabis price. The price of OG Kush varies by city, but the current nationwide average for a gram is $13.

Fortunately, there are always some dispensaries and adult-use stores in every city offering this strain for less than average. Here are OG Kush prices in six cities: Location Gram National $13 Denver $14 Los Angeles $11 Seattle $8.50 Las Vegas $14 Portland $13 Chicago $20. The average price for a gram of OG Kush in Denver is $14. But you can find dispensaries offering this strain for less. Location Gram Green Tree Medicinal $10 Silver Stem Fine Cannabis $12 Universal Herbs $13. You can pick up a gram of this strain in Seattle for an average of $8.50. Location Gram White Rabbit Cannabis $6.50 Spady Bud $8 Pacific Cannabis Company $10. The average price for a gram of OG Kush in Los Angeles is $11, but you can find it for as low as $10. Location Gram Herbal Remedies $10 Organic Kind $14 Rite Greens $10. The average price for a gram of this strain in Las Vegas is $14. But you’ll find some dispensaries offering this strain for as low as $10. You can expect to pay $13 on average for a gram of OG Kush in Portland. But you’ll find a few places offering it for as low as $10 per gram. Location Gram Little Amsterdam $14 528hrz Gardens $12 Western Oregon Dispensary $10. But you can find some dispensaries offering it for lower. This strain is an indica that’s renowned for its ability to crush stress. With relaxed and uplifting effects, this is a great strain to keep in your repertoire. Sploofy V3 is the first ever personal air filter with an eco-friendly, replaceable cartridge system. Our cartridges guaranteed to last longer than any other filter in its class. Stop harmful or offensive particles in their tracks with Sploofy's HEPA filtration system. Simply exhale into the cartridge and watch smoke/vapor convert into clean air. Capture odor at it's source with our powerful filtration system. Sploofy absorbs odor instantly as it passes through the filter.

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