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The reintroduction of these older genetics are a boon to breeders and growers. When I gave Colombian Gold 1972 pheno to savvy smokers, they asked if it had any CBD (yes — supporting our belief that heirloom strains have a more balanced cannabinoid profile). When they smoked it, everyone’s first comment was about the taste. Because none of them had tasted those terpenes in decades.

One thing to consider: There were only so many seeds put away and every day that finite pool gets older and less viable. Each of those seeds is getting more valuable as time goes on. My advice is to seek them out and coddle them back to life. Jerry Whiting is the founder of LeBlanc CNE, growers and brokers of medical cannabis and vintage heirloom strains. He has a background in acupuncture, massage and natural healing. LeBlanc has an extensive collection of CBD-rich strains, including a seed bank as well as live plants. LeBlanc sponsors a hemp breeding project, does research into the relationship between cannabis chemistry and genetics, and processes whole plant tinctures and other cannabis preparations.

Hypoestes ( Polka Dot ) plants make wonderful houseplants. Please check out our selections on the Hypoestes page. The banyan tree, Ficus benghalensis, is native to India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. It is often planted around temples and is considered sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists. Banyan tree is widely cultivated in city parks and botanical gardens throughout the New World and Old World tropics. Of course there is no such thing as a "houseplant." All plants grow outdoors, but some can be made to survive, even thrive, indoors. The banyan tree is one plant that can remain indoors all year long. Repot every 2-3 years, but like the rubber plant, banyan is best kept a little on the pot-bound side. The shoot tips can be pinched back to promote branching. Light: As a houseplant, banyan should be positioned in an area where it gets half shade or moderately bright light. It does not need the bright light so often demanded of plants grown indoors. A banyan tree makes a fine specimen and shade tree if you have your own tropical botanical garden and a few acres to spare. Otherwise, grow this evergreen rubber plant look-alike in a container in the house. Moisture: Outside established banyan trees are drought tolerant. As a houseplant, banyan likes a soil that is well drained but kept moderately moist. Allow soil to dry almost completely, then saturate. Underwatering and overwatering can cause leaves to yellow and drop. Banyan is damaged by frost but will recover from brief periods of freezing weather. Houseplants should be kept at 70-80 F in the summer and above 55 F in winter. Our garden ready plants are great for filling containers, baskets and borders without the need for growing on. Shop our seed ranges> View our extensive range > Potted Hardy Plants. Discover our range of potted plants > Winter & Spring Bedding.

Pre-order today for winter colour > Our Must Haves. Lagerstroemia indica 'Berry Dazzle' Deciduous shrub is smothered with bright, tropical pink flowers throughout the summer. Busy Lizzie 'Sunpatiens' A fabulous Busy Lizzie boasting a stronger root system, thicker petals and bigger flowers than regular Busy Lizzies. Petunia 'Trailing Surfinia Blue' Potato 'Charlotte' (Second Cropping) Sedum 'Sunsparkler Wildfire' Geranium Hardy Collection. 1 buddleja potted plant £5.99 with any order over £30.

1 hydrangea 9cm plant £6.99 with any order over £100.


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