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It enhances the metabolism of plants and stimulates the production of plant tissue, resulting in more resistant plants and improved yields. FTB by Vegamatrix is an effective broad spectrum insecticide and fungicide made from plant extracts (geranium, sunflower oil and cannabis terpenes), thus being 100% organic. It can be used at any stage of the plant, even during the last weeks of bloom. We actually had a little problem with powdery mildew two weeks before harvest and FTB proved to be truly effective, quickly eliminating the problem and with any type of unpleasant aftertaste.

Barbara Bud x Biker Kush grown with Vegamatrix nutrients. Our plants developed perfectly with Vegamatrix nutrients. We did not find a single nutrient deficiency or imbalance, and they produced a nice amount of top grade buds , compact and frosty. We did use slightly lower doses than the recommended by the manufacturer, mainly because it was an indoor grow with small pots and we didn't want excess nutrients in our growing medium . Vegamatrix FTB was particularly useful at the end of the bloom stage, and has become one of our favourite preventives for pests so far. Vegamatrix has a product line containing over 8 nutrient supplements for cannabis, with many organic options to choose from. Vegamatrix is the company that based on the princples of human love and care of the planet. Vegamatrix collective always researches new methods to develop the most safe and useful products to make the world a better place. Vegamatrix nutrients are created for growing with any substrate or growing media.

Prime Zyme is an all natural product consisting of carefully formulated enzymes. With years of documented results showing how they he.. Amp-It is a micro-nutrient supplement which contains all 21 of nature’s most essential building blocks, Amino Acids. Vegamatrix Bloom is a vital nutrient for your plants health and full flowering potential. Hard-n-Quick contains 100% cold water North American Kelp proven to be the finest source of “cytokinins” on Earth. FTB was crafted as a superior pest management tool that is safe for use on all your plants. Our Veganic proprietary blend of Calcium, magnesium, and plant based ingredients including Kelp, soybean, willow and yucca extracts h.. Vegamatris Grow is formulated using the Earth’s most powerful All-Natural chelating agents. Big-N-Sticky’s rigorously tested proprietary blend of ORGANIC compounds are combined with potassium phosphite. There are no questions about this nutrient company. Take a look at the reviews shared by other users, or. Critical Autoflowering is a rare breed belonging to a feminised Indica-dominant cannabis strain, which can be cultivated easily both indoors as well as outdoors. Critical Autoflowering This hybrid strain (Critical + auto flowering) comes packed with an intensely sweet and fruity flavour because of which it is considered a novelty among all the auto flowering strains. It’s a rare breed that fully encapsulates the essence of pure power. The flavour is awesome yet intense, the yields bountiful and effects beyond words. It provides complete satisfaction to both the breeder as well as the user. Morphology Bred similar to Critical, the auto-flowering genetics make it easy to grow. The seeds being feminised means only female plants flourish resulting in no wasted space. This simply translates to the fact that since all plants are female you get more yields. Attaining a height of anywhere between 60-80cm, they are small and bushy. They have an open structure, which lets light to penetrate freely throughout the plant helping in getting better and bigger harvests. Root History It is obtained from a complex cross of Ruderalis, Indica, and Sativa strains. The mix of these strains produces a strong variety that is easy-to-grow, auto flowering, and having big dense buds with the Indica effect of Critical being quite dominant. The plant is easily manageable and highly stealthy and is breeders’ delight. They are ready for harvesting in a short period of 9 weeks after planting.

The final stage of maturation is evident with the production of many orange pistils and a peculiar smell that is a characteristic inherited from Critical+. The flowers on the plant are more in proportion to the leaves. Crossing the best plants has resulted in the creation of an excellent strain that has awesome aroma and taste. The maintenance of high genetic diversity ensures that the plant has optimum resistance to pests and diseases making it easy to grow and maintain. Spain's most popular and productive strain, well known for her monster harvests, perfume sweet, fruity terpene profile and easability to grow. She performs like no other autoflowering strain when in terms of production indoors and outdoors. A must have for commercial growers, and those in search of an easy to grow, low maintenance autoflowering hybrid. Genetics: We crossed our best Ruderalis male with cup winning Critical, and the results were a strain that will takes 10-12 weeks from seed until harvest, that retains all of the confectionary sweet flavours and high resistance to colder climates and massive yields from the Critical.

We were able to create a short, low profile hybrid that is perfect for balcony grows and terraces.


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