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Sensi Seeds' Hash Plant is a cupwinning variety and won the 3rd Place at the Highlife Cup 2002 in the category Hydro - Seedbanks, submitted by Sensi Seeds! Here you see the latest Hash Plant photos, uploaded from our users! Altogether we've collected 5 pictures from Sensi Seeds' Hash Plant, check out our Hash Plant gallery to view them all.

HYDROPONICS GROW BOX SYSTEM- COMPLETE PLANS AND TIPS. That means if you click and buy, I may receive a small commission. BUILD THIS ATTRACTIVE, STURDY TURBO-COOLED HYDROPONICS GROW BOX & SUPER-CHARGED BUBBLER SYSTEM. There are some very good reasons: No room otherwise (create some garden space in a tiny apartment) Hide the lights, sounds and earthy odors of a thriving garden The best reason of all: create a turbo-cooled, climate controlled grow chamber that produces the highest yield possible. The special lights needed to promote flowering and fruiting of your plants (HID lamps) put out a lot of heat. Now you might think that putting them in an enclosed cabinet with your plants would just “cook” them. The grow closet we have designed is “turbo” air-cooled by an exhaust fan at the top (hot air out) and inlet holes in the bottom (cool air in). The temp inside the box stays in the optimum growing range for warm season plants like tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers and medical herbs.

Read on and I will tell you more about my great little closet hydroponics grow box, the simple yet prolific bubbler unit, and how you can easily create this system for yourself with common household items and easily obtained supplies. Here’s what you’re gonna do: Put together a simple but wildly prolific hydro bubbler system! The hydro bubbler is kinda like a cross between top drip and deep water culture. First you’re going to buy a ready made wooden box (a pre-fab storage cabinet). We tell you which one and where to buy it; it costs about $95. You could also use a different brand but similar cabinet. Then: Make some strategically placed holes in the cabinet panels. Open door daily to see how many inches the plants grew overnight! But before you get started, you need to know up front: the cabinet costs about $100 and you will need a (fairly expensive) grow lamp, which you would need for any serious hydroponics garden (we will tell you about a special offer for a good lamp kit below). Create a secret garden, a space in your home to grow plants that nobody will know about. To the outside world, you are an ordinary neighbor. But when the lights come on inside “The Grow Box”, a different world exists that makes plants grow like crazy. I know you’re anxious to get started, so go on and order below if you must. But… you might just prefer our Giant Hydroponics e-book instead. Not only do you get this entire Hydroponics grow box and bubbler system e-book, the Giant book also includes complete plans for the 4 best, time-tested, most reliable and prolific hydroponics systems you could build. But there’s more… Also provided… the entire original Hydroponics-Simplified website in PDF form! That’s 320 pages crammed full of hydroponic plans, tips, charts, diagrams, everything you need to get started in this rewarding gardening method, as well as the grow closet plants. Read all about this unique guide “Getting Started in Hydroponics” here: Giant Hydroponics Guide. Today and always $15.95 [No Fake inflated price, no limited time offer here] Why build OUR system? If you are a wise consumer, you have probably investigated other hydroponics grow box closets or bubbler systems available. But let me tell you a few things you need to consider before you buy: Our bubbler system calls for an 18 gallon nutrient bin. Not only will you be refilling it too often, the roots go a little crazy in there, and need a lot of room. The dimensions of our recommended bin are a roomy 16″ X 24″ X 16 1/2″ tall. Our plans call for a powerful little pump which pushes the grow juice up to each pot via spaghetti “feeder” tubes.

We also suggest a separate aerator pump and stone to keep the roots and nutrient well-oxygenated.

Some units out there do not provide a feeder, just the aerator stone. Not a good setup; you would have to topfeed the plants several times daily by hand if you don’t have a feeder pump and manifold like our plans do. And you will not get the rapid growth continual feeding promotes. Now, about your lamp… We want to give you some straight talk here. Some of the cheaper hydro kits throw in a fluorescent lamp and bulb with their hydro unit,so they can call it a “complete kit”.


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