boax cbd strain

Boax Hemp Flower

BOAX Hemp Flower is a full spectrum CBD strain bred with the finest features of the Otto II and Hindu Kush plants, and is built for peak CBD resin production.

BOAX is stimulating and refreshing. It virtually beats all other strains in terms of restorative powers and gentle amplitude. Smoking it will get you lifted with its delectable flavor and bold aromatics.

  • Total Cannabinoids Analyzed: 21.46%
  • Total CBD: 16.9%
  • THC (Delta 9): .142%
  • THCa: .552%
  • CBG: .839%
  • CBC: .776%
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Happy Hemp Farmacy BOAX Hemp Flower is 100% all natural grown hemp that contains no GMO’s or harmful chemicals.

BOAX boasts an extremely versatile terpene profile. They are lovely and exotic nugs designed for a well-balanced feeling of effects. It’s sweet and fruity, with dominant notes of spices and baked goods. It virtually beats all other strains in terms of restorative powers and gentle amplitude.

Primary Terpenes: a-Pinene, Farnesene, b-Myrcene and the rare trans-b-ocimene.

Primary Aromas: Sweet and Juicy with dominate notes of spice and baked goods. Pine and cannabis smell with hints of sweets and spices.

Taste Profile: When smoking this strain expect a very earthy flavor with hints of sweets and spices.

Our Process

Happy Hemp Farmacy grows our CBD flower in-house using sustainability practices such as drip systems and LED lights to lower water and energy use.

We pride ourselves in offering unique BOAX Hemp Flower that is one-of-a-kind per batch. Each strain we produce will be a limited, special release. So make sure you try it while it lasts


100% Home Grown Hemp Flower

How to Use

This product can be smoked or infused with tea. Traditional smoking offers the highest percentage of bioavailability (absorption rate) of any CBD consumption method aside from patches.

Get BOAX Hemp Flower from Happy Hemp Farmacy a craft hemp company located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. BOAX Hemp Flower is one of our premium CBD products.