blueberry haze strain review

Walk in someone will always say hello they are helpful and friendly nothing bad to say. The only drawback is that it is on the pricier side. Great staff Great house brand My dog is always welcome with me.

I did get asked if I needed help quickly the bud tender was .. Kinda like either a police officer distracted or a crack head distracted. She appeared to not want to be where she was, as she mumbled something about just getting some kind of degree and ended up here. Oh and lastly she kept my $2 change as if she expected to be tipped. her karma I usually tip a lot more ✌️ My go-to spot. I love their daily deals, glass jars, and the flower is the best quality in Oregon City. They're always genuinely pleased to see me when I come in. The place is big, open and bright, not dark and blindered like most dispensaries seem to be. Great selection of everything except higher CBD product - need more.

I am a new customer and stopped by for information on CBD extracts to control my pain problems. The person who greeted me at the counter was friendly, courteous, and very helpful. He explained the different uses of CBD extracts for pain control and doses recommended. I purchased CBD oil and tried it for the first time. I have been treated with Vicodin for several years and have not had good results in controlling the pain I have 24/7. Thanks to the gentleman at Nectar Lents dispensary, I now have positive results with my pain control using the CBD oil. I want to thank the gentleman at Lents Nectar dispensary for the help and information he provided. The CBD extract is helping me to experience life with little to no pain. Also the price for the CBD oil was about quite a bit lower than some of the other dispensary's I had contacted. - They're higher priced than the majority of other dispensaries that I've been to in the Portland Metro Area BUT the atmosphere is cool so there's that :) My recent purchase (complaint) - I purchased two pen cartridges. The first cartridge brand: Golden Private Stash (Sour Diesel) has worked perfectly. The other cartridge I was interested in was Purple Hindu Kush (House Cartridge by Chalice Farms). and the employee just couldn't find it in the drawer for the life of him. So I was sold on another product made by a company called "Reserve" which failed horribly on first use last night. Literally the bottom of the cartridge disintegrated on first use with wires coming out. So I called Chalice Farms today to see if it was possible to get an in-store credit. I had thrown the receipt in recycling (I made the purchase a couple days before New Year's Eve & had just got around to trying this cartridge out) and wanted take this. [The Rookie’s GUIDE] Most cannabis growers classify weed according to its shape and structure. As a result, you usually hear people talking about indicas, sativas, hybrids, and occasionally ruderalis cannabis. However, there are further categories defined by flavors, scents, tastes, and the region where the marijuana originated. In the modern era, Haze, Purple, and Kush are three of the most popular types. We answer questions such as, what is Kush marijuana? Kush strains are among the most popular in the world. They routinely scoop awards such as the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup. If you’re an experienced cannabis user, you’ve almost certainly sampled a Kush strain. Whether it is Purple Kush, Bubba Kush, Pure Kush, or the legendary OG Kush.

Kush strains have ruled the indica-dominant hybrid scene for a while. Their heritage is traceable to the mountainous Hindu Kush region located along the border of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. To be precise, Hindu Kush is north of Jammu and Kashmir. At the time of writing, this is an India-controlled region, though this is a situation that Pakistan bitterly disputes. As well as giving birth to various marijuana strains, Hindu Kush is a volatile area synonymous with political turmoil.

The Hindu Kush region is within the Himalayan mountain range.


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