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It rejected the idea that the most talented artists used, but contributed to the reefer madness discourse by suggesting that use was quite prevalent among second-rate musicians in swing bands. And instead of improving their musical abilities, marijuana actually degraded them, along with the musicians’ general motivation to participate as useful members of society. “One leader told me of a young man in his band who was a crackerjack musician, but who used the weed so consistently that he was quite undependable. The fits of deep depression reefers so often, [sic] produce would seize him until he had to be restrained, from suicide.” Jack Hanley, “Exposing the Marijuana Drug Evil in Swing Bands” Here’s the connection between marijuana use and mental illness again.

As I’ve suggested, the tendency of marijuana to produce depression, mania, and psychosis is well documented in this period, but should probably be attributed to correlation rather than causation. In 1927, Robert Kingman wrote a fascinating article in the Medical Journal and Record, singing the praises of the “green goddess,”as a miracle drug in emerging psychiatric practice. He argued that “insanity, dreams, and drug intoxication,” were manifestations of the same mental state. Thus, marijuana was potentially a cure for mental illness, particularly suitable for addressing the symptoms of neurasthenia, the classic illness of “over civilization,” and of poverty and depravation. “My whole body’s sent, and I feel like I’m a millionaire/ my whole body’s sent, lord, I feel like I’m a millionaire/ if I’m broke I still got money, if I’m hungry I don’t even care.” -Curtis Jones, “Reefer Hound Blues” (1938) So what to make of these surprisingly close connections between the sensationalist rhetoric of the peddlers of reefer madness and the almost playful lyrics (you have to hear it) of marijuana-referencing jazz musicians? I think it is easy (and I’m sure Anslinger grinned every time he read one of these lyrics) to say that these similarities validated the fear mongers.

But I think there is a deeper epistemological significance for historians and other scholars that deal with drug history. These stories provide yet another way in to the histories of recreational, “non-medical” (a loaded term) users of cannabis. Perhaps it’s not that the jazz lyrics validate the worst fears manifested during the reefer madness era, but possibly (I think likely) the propaganda was a complete misinterpretation of the actual experience of recreational users, providing a way to read through (against the grain, or parallel to it) the rich source material in jazz archives across the country. These, along with similar methodological approaches applied to the “official records” of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics are, collectively, small but significant pieces of a larger puzzle that can uncover these stories. “If he takes a sudden mania/ he’ll want to give you Pennsylvania/ Oh you know your talking to the reefer man.” –Cab Calloway “The Reefer Man” (1932) Это видео недоступно. Выполните вход, чтобы сообщить о неприемлемом контенте. Producer: DJ Muggs Composer Lyricist: Louis Freese (B. Real) Composer Lyricist: Kory Gernett Martinez Composer Lyricist: Lawrence Muggerud. Other businesses nearby: Fort Collins Marijuana Dispensaries. Frequent questions about marijuana in Fort Collins, CO. Opioids versus medical marijuana debate begins in Arkansas. September 18 marks the deadline for accepting license applications for medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivators in Arizona, meaning now is the time for those chosen to finally prepare to open their doors to patients. Study: Marijuana Use Among Soldiers In Colorado, Washington Is Down. Studies show that although being legalized in Colorado and Washington, marijuana use among soldiers has gone down, contrary to many predictions. Though it has been shown to treat symptoms of PTSD and other conditions, the military still regularly dru. A voter approved ban is going in effect in about two weeks in the city of Fort Collins. All medical marijuana dispensaries will be forced to shut their doors. Some businesses have already closed down while others are making the move to nearby cit. Fort Collins Dispensaries forced to close their door by Valentines day due to a ban based by voters. Business owners will likely try to sell their medicine under the pretenses of a caregiver after the shut down. punk at the front was operating as slow as a 92 year old but as disrespectful as a 13 year old boy. i'd serve your country in afghanistan right fucking now, again, if i could. It was my first stop when I got to Colorado and was shocked to see lines it’s a big business I now can see I’m from Oregon and see a few dispos but it was like wow so much going on It was a Friday and strongest they had was 22% it was quality bud and a good price I used too 26-33 % THC but it was good indica. Very friendly and helpful bud tenders- thanks again for all your help Kimberly N!

I always go to N/A and thought I would give this place a try. I can't sit for long periods so I got up to move around. Don't get into the middle of some ones transaction. We will be with you soon." I was alittle shocked and embarrassed to be talked to like that. It was said over the counter to me for everyone to hear. Budtenders are really nice and know their business. Prices are competitive but back to N/A' Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great prices, friendly and knowledgeable staff, great products!

Best prices in town good bud supply the only con some of the bud tenders are not so friendly they need better customer service training. This is the best dispensary in this town a lil on the pricey side but well worth the money and the bud tenders are awesome and very!!


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