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Be quick, use cover, and you can rip through the camp in no time with little fight. One of the great parts focus is it can identify vulnerabilities in even the deadliest machine. Taking a minute to study a machine will highlight not only the weak points, but also what kind of ammunition to use and (perhaps most importantly) what kind not to use.

While in focus, there are not many offensive tactics you can employ. However, vulnerable areas remain highlighted for a few seconds afterward which will help you put your bow to good use. If you have removed all the vulnerable areas, you should fall back on the classic aim-for-the-head strategy. Even a Thunderjaw takes more damage there than his broadside. It can be tricky to land them on agitated machines since they can move very quickly, so use concentration to help line those shots up. Combined with explosives or the right elemental weapons, you can bring down even the biggest enemies with a little perseverance. Make every shot count because humans don’t stand up to explosives and crushing very well. Arrows : Once you begin exploring and leveling these won’t be much good, but I still keep a few around for hunting wildlife for resources.

Hardpoint Arrows : A good go-to arrow for human enemies and small machines. You can usually kill humans or watchers with a single arrow with a headshot. Precision Arrows: These are a bit slower to draw, but they do as much as twice the damage of Hardpoint arrows Tearblast Arrow s: When they hit vulnerable areas they can blow components, weapons, and even health off of machines. This reduces the threat from projectiles but should be paired with other arrows to finish the job. Harvest Arrows: These cause machines to drop valuable extra resources. You only need to use one, as far as I can tell it doesn’t make a difference after that, then switch to a more powerful arrow to bring the machine down. Elemental Arrows : Electric, Fire, Corruption, Frost. Choose your ammo based on the machine you are fighting because what works on one may have no effect on the next type. Electric and Fire seem to be the most prevalent vulnerabilities. Corruption works in a similar way to an override except the target will be briefly hostile to everything including you. It is incredibly easy to switch between sets of armor in Horizon. This means you can purchase specialized armor that provide natural resistance to various attacks and switch them out when you need to. For instance, the Oseram Sparkworker armor provides excellent protection against electricity, particularly good for taking on Stormbirds. The Carja Blazon armor protects against fire, perfect for fighting Fire Bellowbacks, and the Banuk Ice Hunter against ice, great for those annoying Glinthawks. You can unlock most of these with enough shards and a few key machine parts in Meridian. Personally, I am a big fan of running around in Carja Silks (because they look so fine), but every outfit can be useful in the right situation. The best armor you can find is the Shield Weaver set. It is a piece of ancient tech that generates a forcefield that negates most damage. In order to grab that, you will need to locate it and the five rare ancient power cells located across the land to unlock it. Big machines such as Thunderjaw or Stormbird drop three ultra rare modifications every time.

All outfits and weapons can be improved using the game’s modifications, which you can find as loot all over. These range in effectiveness but the ultra rare ones can provide substantial boosts to your stats. They can be found throughout the game in supply crates and on downed machines. Look for those blue and purple loot icons for the really good stuff.

One thing to keep in mind is that modifications can not be removed from an item unless you have unlocked the Tinker skill.


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