black widow brain fuck

Open your mind

& your third eye



Oh higher power, if there is a such thing.

from generation till mine, you’ve cursed us with lust

for after its over so is he ..

The passion of wanting and needing another human soul

to complete mine…

but instead I receive the Curse of loneliness..

as of my generations that where..

to hear the voice of man repetitively say

your to good to be true

yet alone in the dark, this “perfect” being is blank faced..

confused, disappointed and used…

how is this so… i must say this curse is bigger then the demons i carry

until a beast gets caught in my web, ill forever be a black widow.

Brain fuck me

My brain cant stop longing you. The way you use the most two powerful parts of your body on me…rushing my blood flow through my insides. Exploding.. Severe!

my whole body shaking, like spasms after sex and panic attacks

with just a spoken word…. oh how special you are.

Through my pupils my brain indicates how you interpret information from the outside world, and embodies the essence of the mind and soul. Intelligence, creativity, emotion, and memory

witch is the exact meaning of the brain in a dictionary

but i just described you.

A beast in the flesh with an aggressive touch but your kisses used with your heart. Not leaving a mark behind yet my mussels bruised for days. wanting more and more.. and more and more…

i need to know , where u placed in my path of life as a gift from a higher power to believe ..or was i placed in your path of life as a gift for believing a higher power..

for my emotions are the color of the blinded yet i can hear your heart pumping blood to your brain, expressing your self through your mouth .. helping me see a shade of color, grey.

I acknowledge YOU

Oh LOVE do not be afraid. express your self to me..

drown me in your tears, pierce my heart with your pain..

every letter to your words, absorbed into my brain

like a growing child..

GIVE me all the weight you have been carrying

of insecurities and shame..

crushing my body , take advantage …i will gladly do …

just to watch you float, free , as light as a balloon..

for all our stories are different, they all hold the same pain.

A hard cover book.. full of blank pages

emotions are deadly, yet the eyes are blinded.. blocking the brain to be used 100%

so strong yet so weak.. i get it now

watching the human race lust over the flesh

not knowing themselves , not finding the soul, the reason you breath to live..

looking for love and approval, a companion a connection ..

yet your own soul craves that very thing from your own heart ..

your brain cannot comprehend that because it lives in the long term section..

for you cant stop thinking of the years you have lived.

living the moment..

using your gift of eyes for the bad. allowing destructive thoughts..

to self. becoming your own murderer

for every finger print is different, the brain is all the same.

just differently used .. ..

take advantage of every limb in you, on you..

for time is forever.. yet forever is not us .. AMANDA KHAN ❤


Carried away by the rebellious brain, uncontrolled and out of hand

The storm growing inside me

A violent disturbance within me.. thunder and lightning.

Cold and dark, drowning in the deepest part of the seas

A sudden event, such as my words ..

An accident , that causes great damage or loss of connection..

Wicked, intimidating, supernatural

not easily comprehended or explained……

piercing eyes and taste for blood…

as I foam into the human race

A women to be exact.

walking into the crowd of people, getting lost, unnoticeable.


Lilith: The personification of female sexuality and power over men, enlightener of women

A mirror, so deceiving

Trained from birth to see the human flesh….

Look past the body, into the eyes of the demon attached to you

For they have names..

and mine is Lilith.

I cant resist, the desire to plant my seeds into others

Torturing the genitals while I fuck the brain

Licking the soul as the chill raise on the body

Allowing succubus right in

As they sleep, disconnected and unaware..

I rape the soul and mock the spirit

Laughing, for when you awake.

I’ll be in your brain, on your mind…stuck in your thoughts.

blow job

Oh master would you please stretch my mouth out.

How my tongue yearns your penis.

sliding down my throat,feeling you rip me open

ordering me to touch my neck and feel you in my throat

holding my face with you still inside me

blocking my air ,chocking me.

spitting in my face , smacking me

my makeups messy as i look u in the eyes, Tears, snot and spit rolling down me face

your hands gripping my hair, taking control..

fucking my face as if its my pussy.

pulling your dick out my mouth, showing it to me, teasing me

I hold my tongue out, for I am your kitten

placing it on my wet warm tongue

letting my mouth make passionate love to your cock

slowly licking from your balls up your dick to the head.

spitting on your head while my hands grab your balls.

teasing you, feeling your cocks heartbeat, the veins pumping blood

swallowing you as i swallow repeatedly, to tighten my muscles for you my king..

& your third eye