black sugar rose

Erstaunlicherweise war die Wirkungsdauer sehr lang und lag bei ca 4 - 5 stunden. Der Rausch hatte zum einen sehr positive und zum anderen auch sehr negative Seiten. Danach kommt eine Phase in der man sehr pychedelisch überdreht ist. In dieser Phase muss man sich bewegen und ist dabei aber sehr unruhig und nervös. Diese unruhigen phasen kenne bis jetzt nur von Haze Sorten.

Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass ungeübte Raucher hier schnell Paranoia bekommen können. Nach dem energetischen Zustand bekommt man schnell hunger und muss sich entspannen. Während des gesamten Rausches ist man jedoch sehr verwirrt und weniger klar im Kopf. Medizinisch gesehen würde ich Sorte gegen Müdigkeit und Antriebslosigkeit empfehlen, aber eher weniger bei Depressionen. Der Effekt hat mich insgesamt sehr stark an Critical+(dinafem) erinnert. Fazit: Die Blue Dream war eine sehr gut wüchsige Hybrid Sorte mit einem sehr hohen Ertrag. Die Blütenstände waren überdurchschnittlich mit Harz überzogen. Der Effekt ein energetisches und pychedelisches High war sehr stark und überwiegend sativa lastig. Wer auf Haze Sorten steht und dabei weniger als 10 wochen warten will, kann ich Sorte empfehlen.

Had 2 distinct phenos from my beans - short, fast flowering Blueberry pheno and stretchy, slower Hazey pheno. Grew them both out twice before killing off the Indica leaning pheno. The keeper is a 10 week strain, super high yield and nice happy, uplifting high, even gives you the giggles. It is a bit finicky with both environment and nutrients. I have found it can be fed regularly up until about half way through flowering when I need to back off the nutes. After the stretch finally finishes the buds start to fill out, and out and out until its like night of the triffids in there. Some foxtailing which does effect the density of the buds but for a Sativa dominant strain its to be expected. Absolutely horrible, just like any other HSO strain I ran.Garbage, garbage, garbage. Ran this and other HSO strains (Green Crack, Pineapple Skunk) for the third time and even selecting the best phenos didn't hold the comparison with just about any other seedbank strains. I came to the conclusion that it is better to get Gonorrhoea than to get Humboldt seeds. because while Gonorrhoea is a problem you can solve with some antibiotics and a week or two, Humboldt seeds are a problem that will take you months to get rid of. I am never buying another one of these expensive bird food items ever again in my life. this is no longer a good strain from HSO.I originally grew this strain in late 2013 and again in early 2014 and both packs produced very uniform plants with an amazing structure and great yield.The end result was a perfect balance of it's Haze and Blueberry parents with amazing flavours with a great high.This is still in my Top 5 of all time strains I have grown and smoked from Fem seeds.However, I have since run another 3 full packs (bought separately) and they have all consistently produced low yielding, bland flavour and musky smelling indica plants with NO hint of haze any more.I have emailed HSO a few times and asked whether the parents have changed over the years or whether it's just (very) bad luck, but have never had a response.I will now assume that something HAS changed and will not waste any more time or money trying to find the Original Blue Dream from a few years ago. what a shame HSO, these used to be the one of the best Fem Hybrids on the market! Based on other reports/info I expected this to be a fairly vigorous hybrid with a fair share of sativa traits and interesting colors/smells/taste. Decided to give it a try and germinated 5 feminized seeds. All 5 popped and the seedlings started off nice and vigorous, but soon showed very fat leaves, sign of an indica-dominant plant. Very homogenous strain; all five plants looked pretty much alike, with short internodes, bushy structure and dark, fat leaves. Two out of five smelled expecially sweet-fruity and delicious, but then again they were pure Blueberry traits, nothing much different. Also, just like Blueberry, the plants were not difficult to grow but still quite finicky as they would be the only ones in a variegated garden to occasionally signal any deficiencies. All in all not impressed at all with this strain; it does have some pretty lovely characteristics but nothing more and nothing different than a Blueberry.In fact, it prompted be to grow actual Blueberry next time around.

Kept clones of the two sweetest smelling ones and will try and run them again with a longer veg to see if something more can be pulled out of them. I've seen some pretty decent phenos grown by other people but frankly looked nothing like mines.

I might have been expecially unlucky and got five indica-leaning phenos out of a five-beans pack but there is that.


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