black seed oil kratom

Black seed oil kratom

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The Kratom Resource

Kratom Alternatives – Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

As the government keeps fighting against Kratom while we continue to battle for natural relief and well-being, I feel that I should prepare for the worst-case outcome. I am nowhere near giving up hope, so don’t take this page as such! This is merely a just-in-case page and hopefully will never see practical use. But I’ve been seeing content around the Internet regarding alternatives to Kratom and thought I should take note of these remedies. If you have any information regarding alternatives to Kratom, please share with a comment below! I would be greatly appreciative. If you want to comment on any post below, please reference the post number in your comment. Thanks!

*Note to self: look up agmatine and black seed oil

Post 4 – Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) Oil

  • The original person to post this article described Nigella Sativa Oil as an “incredible potent antihypertensive.”
  • They also claim that taking Nigella Sativa with Kratom will significantly increase the effects of Kratom. Again, this is not what I’m after. I instead want to find a Kratom substitute, but this may warrant further research for those looking for an enhancement of their Kratom experience.
  • One person said that Nigella Sativa helps to keep withdrawal symptoms down
  • There were few on here who said that Nigella Sativa leaves a nasty taste on your breath. One even said that if they burp after ingesting Nigella Sativa, they would gag. Gross!
  • Nigella Sativa is known to lower blood pressure. Good for those who need help with a transition from Kratom, but bad for those with already-existing low blood pressure.
  • A teaspoon of Nigella Sativa significantly reduced wd symptoms, according to the initial poster. He/she said it didn’t eliminate symptoms, but made them much more tolerable.
  • Is said that Nigella Sativa has mild opiate receptor activity.
  • After reading these series of posts, it seems that Nigella Sativa works great with a transition from Kratom, but doesn’t seem like an adequate regiment to replace Kratom.
  • Original poster stated that after cutting a significant Kratom regiment, his wd symptoms drastically reduced after 72 hours, physical symptoms almost eliminated. Depression was intermittent.
  • Nigella Sativa is apparently relatively inexpensive. A plus for those daily Kratom consumers, considering the other expensive alternatives.
  • An article suggested by the initial poster on the Reddit article above. This article covers a number of other uses for Black Seed Oil

Post 3 – Agmatine
Agamatine on

  • Agmatine shows promise in alleviating drug addiction
  • Is considered to be a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator
  • It is known to protect the brain from toxins
  • Is not recommend to use Agmatine by itself for pain relief as it has been known to elevate pain symptoms in some. This is very important for Kratom consumers, as the majority of those take Kratom for pain symptoms.
  • Studies have shown that Agmatine boosts the pain-relieving abilities of opioids such as morphine.
  • If you take Kratom to combat alcohol dependency, studies show that Agmatine also aids in alleviating alcohol withdrawal symptome
  • Quote from the text, “Agmatine increases the activity of neurons in the areas of the brain associated with the handling of stress, anxiety and depression.”
  • Quote from the text, “Research shows that agmatine is very effective in protecting the body against strokes as the inhibition of the nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in the body reduces the amount of toxic nitric oxide levels.” This is apparently why Agmatine is popular in the sports nutrition world.
  • Side effects: Agmatine can increase appetite, it can cause ulcers in those using it for alcohol withdrawal, and it can reduce blood pressure.

Agmatine – Wikipedia

  • From the web page, regarding opioid liability, “Systemic agmatine can potentiate opioid analgesia and prevent tolerance to chronic morphine in laboratory rodents. Since then, cumulative evidence amply shows that agmatine inhibits opioid dependence and relapse in several animal species.”

Agmatine – The Verdict : kratom – Reddit

  • Recommended to only use Agmatine when tapering down from Kratom. It apparently helps subside any withdrawals that could be associated with Kratom. [My words: Some report no withdrawals after prolonged Kratom use, some report mild symptoms, and some have reported strong symptoms. It seems that quitting Kratom affets everyone differently.]
  • A number of people report that taking Agmatine with Kratom will suppress the benefits associated with Kratom. Therefore it probably shouldn’t be taken with Kratom, but I’m not looking for something to take with; I’m looking for the best replacements of Kratom.
  • One person claims that Agmatine helps to reduce their Kratom tolerance, when their tolerance increases.

* Other Google results indicate that Agmatine helps reduce a buildup of Kratom tolerance. Although it does not appear to me that Agmatine will adequately replace Kratom, it shouldn’t go without saying that Agmatine should be in the “transition-from-Kratom” arsenal, if only to experience with and see how it works for you.

Post 2 – Tianeptine
I decided to do some research on Tianeptine to see what I would come up with. I read that Tianeptine is close to the effects of Kratom regarding the interaction with opioid receptors, if taken in high doses. However, after doing some reading and reviewing user experiences, I have concluded that Tianeptine is NOT a safe alternative; at least not for me. I read that Tianeptine does produce effects that are similar, and even stronger in cases, to Kratom. But users have reported that the effects will last just a fraction of the time (20-30 mins with Tianeptine vs 3-5+ hours with Kratom), and you will quickly come to depend heavily on Tianeptine as time wears on. I have included a few articles on Tianeptine below, including a Reddit article based on user experiences.

Tianeptine vs kratom : Tianeptine – Reddit

  • Reddit article mentions to stay away from Tianeptine if you have an addictive personality.
  • Withdrawals are almost unbearable if using Tianeptine for a prolonged amount of time.
  • Tianeptine tolerance builds rapidly, even if you devote yourself to ‘small doses’
  • There were even claims that Tianeptine withdrawals were worse than heroin WDs.
  • Prolonged use of Tianeptine can lead to negative mood changes.
  • Unlike Kratom, Tianeptine is not a natural substance.
  • Is used as an antidepressant in the traditional sense. Tianeptine is also known to produce anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects.
  • Recommended dosage is 12.5mg doses, 3x daily, waiting 3-4 hours between doses
  • Is known to produce opioid-like effects when taken in heavy doses
  • This article lists the physical, cognitive, and visual effects of Tianeptine.

Tianeptine experiences (Erowid)

  • Includes a number of user-experience posts on the effects of Tianeptine, including: General Experiences, Combinations Experiences, Retrospective Experiences, Difficult Experiences, Health Problems, Addiction, and Medical Use.

Tianeptine – Wikipedia

  • Medical uses, side effects, opioid activity, chemistry, society and culture of Tianeptine.

  • This web site includes an extensive article on Tianeptine. However, it should be known that this article paints Tianeptine in a very positive light. This doesn’t mean you should pass this article up, but once you read the extent of this article, read about the experiences from actual users before considering a Tianeptine regiment. If my opinion is worth anything to you, I would pass up Tianeptine. I’m only posting this information because I want to be as thorough as I can.

Post 1
This page lists several alternatives to Kratom that include:

  • Mitragyna Javanica
  • Akuamma Seeds
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Tianeptine Sodium (see Post 2 , above)
  • Combretum Quadrangulare
  • Kava Kava
  • Salvia Divinorum

Have you tried any of these as an alternative to Kratom? Please leave a comment below describing your experience, as well as how long you substituted kratom for this alternative. Also let me know how well it worked or how badly it didn’t work, as well if you would recommend the alternative to others. Reference ” Post 1 ” in the comments below. That way I’ll know which section of this page you’re referring.

The Kratom Resource Kratom Alternatives – Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst As the government keeps fighting against Kratom while we continue to battle for natural relief and well-being,