black russian strain

Black russian strain

I’ve tried this strain a few times. Very relaxing high!

flower this sweet girl for 8 weeks then 2 weeks in darkness cure for 4 weeks for a heavenly aromatic, take you to another world super smooth smoke. luvpeacenjoy>>>>.Heather_n_amy

I am currently growing out 4 Black Russians in Coco using Canna Coco nutes and 6.0 ph and they are amazing a citrus candy type with a hint of pinene many frosty trichomes and a relatively short flowering schedule at 49 days have tons of bright orange pistils but I am going to take it to 68 days for full appreciation Enjoy if you are growing out this strain

Black Russian the marijuana strain has almost nothing in common with Black Russian the drink, except maybe that they can both get you messed up. But Black Russian the strain stands on its own, providing effective medication for anxiety, low mood, chronic pain, sleeplessness, and stress. This stra…