black lime weed

Black lime weed

A few years ago I bought some clones in California. Black lime reserve was one of them. I knew nothing about it. Oh, everyone that tried it at harvest time was impressed with the mellow high and clarity of thought. Just fun afternoon/evening smoke with friends with your favorite bottle of wine sitting next to the pool! Really bushy plant with masses of tiny nugs. Bud triming day took hours on end for a couple of us, but the sampling made it all the more fun. I’m down to last few oz’s. It still a favorite to bring out! All the trim went in the crock pot for cannabutter big batch with 8 cubes.

This strain is amazing. I suffer from osteoarthritis and general anxiety. I happened on this strain in a vape pen in Portland. Just a wonderful feel good relaxing high. I’m 60 and have been smoking for more than 40 years. Absolutely the best I have ever smoked.

This is probably the best strain I ever had, and I have been smoking herb for fifty years. Your relaxed, uplifted and happy. This is good smoke; however give yourself al least two hours before you drive or ride a bike. This is the type of weed to use when laying on the beach and observing the young ladies; furthermore it is nice when waking your dog within a tranquil setting. JB

Black Lime, also known as “Black Lime Reserve,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Northern Lights X Purple Kush X Chemdawg Special Reserve strains. This potent bud took 2nd Place overall at the 2014 High Times' Cannabis Cup, and for good reason – with THC l…