black jack auto

Black Jack Auto

Black Jack Auto is the feminised autoflowering version of Sweet Seeds’ famous cannabis variety Black Jack , one of the most potent and productive varieties in their catalogue.

Created from a cross between a 2nd generation S.A.D. Auto (Sweet Afghani Delicious Auto) and Sweet Seeds‘ elite Jack Herer clone, Black Jack Auto is a high quality autoflowering variety that unites the best qualities of it’s parent genetics in one fast flowering package.

Selected for it’s vigorous, healthy growth and heavy production of thick, highly resinous buds, Black Jack Auto is easy to grow and finishes very quickly, producing a generous crop of dense, fragrant flowers just 9 weeks after germination.

Black Jack Auto’s intense and refined sweet aroma and delicious taste with earthy overtones are a treat for the senses, while the effect is powerful and relaxing with it’s relatively high percentage of CBD making it a great choice for therapeutic users.

With this strain, Sweet Seeds continue their autoflowering r-evolution, constantly working to push the boundaries and present high quality automatic varieties with an appearance, resin production and organoleptic experience easily comparable to their photoperiod-sensitive sisters.

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