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Full Review About Jack Frost Marijuana Strain

Jack Frost strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that comes with a great aroma and strong mood-boosting features. This marijuana strain is a combination of Jack Herer, White Widow, and Northern Lights #5. This strain looks like a green plant with crystalized frosty trichomes.

The Jack Frost strain THC levels have been tested to reach 23%. Once you start smoking the Jack Frost strain, you get this earthy, skunk and pine flavored taste in your mouth, and this taste can make consumers take this strain in excess. Just like every other Sativa strains, Jack Frost is fluffy and dry in nature and still has a subtle feel.

Just as Jack Frost weed boosts creativity, provides energy and improves one’s mood, it is good for stress relief due to a soothing and calming effect on the body. It can relax the stress nerves and help one to sleep better. As a result, a lot of people use it as an insomnia remedy. Jack Frost can also be used to treat other health issues such as anxiety, depression, pain, and a loss of appetite. Although, it has minor side-effects such as dry mouth/eyes as well as the major ones such as paranoia, dizziness, and anxiousness. The later side-effects happen if you smoke too much weed.

History Of Jack Frost

The Jack Frost weed strain was bred by the growers and tinkerers at Goldenseed. They made this marijuana strain by starting with the Jack Herer and then went on to include the blanket of trichomes by breeding with White Widow and the potent relaxation of the Northern Lights #5 strain. These combinations led to the production of Jack Frost strain.

It took a great deal of trial and error to create a citrus and musky tasting Sativa-dominant hybrid. Five years to be precise, was how long it took to form this strain. Also, the expertise of several genius geneticists that specialize in cannabis was needed at Goldenseal to perfect Jack Frost.

The Jack Frost strain cannabis possesses both a fascinating and composite genetic history. And over time, this strain has attracted a large fanbase of cannabis consumers who praise the makers. The Jack Frost weed strain comes with a bright green colored look, covered completely with frost, which tends to remind people of Christmas and the winter season. It is right that a weed strain with such a look is called Jack Frost because the leaves really look like Christmas trees in the forest and have just gotten a fresh dusting of snow.

Effects Of Jack Frost

Positive effects

The Jack Frost strain has lots of medical benefits and just a few negative effects, which is a huge plus. This weed strain serves as a mood booster and you can smoke it in a good company of friends and socialize. The strain would make you giggle and feel more sociable. If you are feeling anxious and stressed, a 1-2 puff of this strain is enough to take them away.

Also, certain minor body pains get to die off after taking this strain you get to sleep peacefully in some cases. This marijuana strain is able to make consumers happy and have wonderful euphoria, at the same time it makes them relaxed and energized.

Basically, one can say that this strain is magical.

Negative effects

Unlike other marijuana strains, Jack Frost has little side effects and this is due to the high level of THC content it possesses.

The most common negative effects which users experience are dry mouth and dry eyes and they are both easy to manage. Although, one easy way to manage this side effect is by drinking enough water before, during and after getting high. By doing this you not only prevent dehydration, but you also get to keep your mouth wet. You can also control the dry eyes effect by using moisturizing eye drops.

Other rare side effects of this strain are dizziness, paranoia and anxiety.

Reasons To Choose The Jack Frost

When it comes to which strain a cannabis user should consume, there is definitely no doubt that Jack Frost is a perfect option. Although, the question might be why should people choose it?

The nature of Jack Frost is very friendly and easy to consume. Basically, Jack Frost has 3 main reasons why cannabis consumers should choose it and they are;

Aroma: The aroma of Jack Frost is like that of mouth-watering citrus, with indications of sweetness, oak, and organic topsoil. Even though the aroma can be quite skunky, it comes with a lemon feel that can fill any room with its goodness. This marijuana strain leaves an earthy citrus smell and can make the room where it was smoked have a sweet smell even long after it was smoked.

Flavour: The Jack Frost sometimes is seen to be a smooth criminal as it won’t make you cough ceaselessly like other strains. Also, the strain has an appetizing flavour that gets to turn many smokers on. On the tongue, this strain has a sweet and earthy taste and leaves a firm lemon taste after exhaling.

Due to the sweetness of the strain, the smoke can easily go down the lungs while providing a velvety, butter-like experience. Hence, it becomes a perfect option for persons who don’t like coughing when smoking or those who have sensitive lungs.

Qualities: Another reason to choose the Jack Frost strain is due to the qualities of this strain. One of which is the fact it helps relax the nerves and also helps with relaxation and pain relief, unlike the average Sativa flower.

Choosing the Jack Frost strain is definitely a good option that cannot be regretted due to the feeling it provides its consumers.

Reviews by Growers Of Jack Frost Strain

  • The Jack Frost has been a good plant worth growing in my farm here in Oregon. It has been very helpful to my friends who needed to either relax at one point or feel more social. I have no regrets about planting it.
  • With just 2 of the Jack Frost plants growing at the back of my house, I no longer have to use strains I don’t really enjoy. I even plan on making it more than 2 in order to accommodate my friends.

How To Grow The Jack Frost?

The Jack Frost weed strain is easy to grow and this is a good option for novice and veteran growers; the Jack Frost strain growing does not require any formal learning to do it better. This marijuana strain gets to grow into a Christmas tree kind of plant alongside its remarkable aroma. It also has a high resistance to common molds and diseases.

This plant can be grown either indoors or outdoors and the flowering period of Jack Frost strain varies based on whether it was planted indoors or outdoors. Here is how to grow them.


A Jack Frost plant that is grown indoors can produce up to over 16 ounces of new bud for every single square meter planted. Also, the plant can be ready for harvest within 8 to 9 weeks of flowering.


When it comes to planting outdoors, Jack Frost can produce up to 19 ounces of fresh bud per plant. It takes the entire summer for it to flower and gets ready for harvest towards the end of September and early October.

Edibles And Cooking

The Jack Frost is just like every normal strain and can be included when cooking and in edibles. Although, it is quite rare and not very common like a weed.


Seeking a natural means to relax your nerves, fight pains, depression, anxiety, chronic stress, insomnia, fatigue, and lack of appetite or nausea? Then this strain comes in handy.

In summary, Jack Frost is a very essential strain that has a sweet taste and can enable consumers to smoke it without getting to cough hard. It is one of the best hybrid strains and consuming it would not be a bad idea. It is important to know that; it should be taken in the right quantity in order to avoid side effects. Definitely, the question of “is Jack Frost a good strain?” has been attended to.

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