best strain for panic attacks

Best Strain for Anxiety and Panic Attacks?


This is a combination re-post of a question and a follow up post I posted in my introduction.

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Sounds like the best strain for you would be a Sativa hybrid. Subcool has some very good genetics, so take a look around (here’s a sample:

As for the panic and anxiety after smoking, I think this has a lot to do with your setting. If an occasional user smokes in a uncomfortable setting, this could trigger some anxiety or paranoia. Whereas if they were smoking with friends watching a movie at home, they would rarely get a panic attack.

Shit, it’s happened to me. Before I was legal a few years ago, I would blaze in my truck before work. One day I’m just finishing up a bowl and a cop car drives slowly behind me. I started to freak out and roll my windows up to stop letting smoke out and my heart was beating so fast. Anyway, moral of the story is to always place yourself in a chill setting when you smoke. This will alleviate hopefully some of your problems.


@Hazin: That’s a great example. Now that I think back on it, I was smoking in a place that was stressful for me. Unfortunately it was the place where I was living. I was so stressed all the time, I figured smoking would chill me out. It actually ended up making my anxiety worse.

As for finding a possible great strain for stress relief, I think I found something pretty good. I haven’t tried it yet because I can’t get it where I live. Hopefully my state will pass medical use in 2011. It failed to pass this year Anyway, I plan to try it in the future. To anyone else who happens to be looking for a great strain for stress and anxiety, here’s one that I found today:

It’s called Mr. Nice Guy. (AKA, Medicine Man)


After doing more research over the past week or so, I have discovered a major discrepancy over which strain will truly help a person who suffers from an anxiety disorder. Some say it doesn’t matter which strain you smoke as any strain could help your anxiety or potentially make it worse. Then the next group of people claim that a strong Sativa or Sativa dominant hybrid with high THC levels is the way to go for anxiety relief. Simultaneously there is yet another group of people who claim that a pure Indica strain with a high CBD/THC ratio is the solution. Yet again there is another group of people who claim that an Indica dominant hybrid is the best method. After all of that, there are other people who claim it doesn’t matter what you try because they claim modern western marijuana does not contain enough CBD (The sedative cannabinoid called Cannibidoil) to relieve anxiety.

So after reading what literally hundreds of people online were saying about the subject, I decided to do some book reading. Unfortunately, after reading through a few chapters of a few different books I found that the “experts” in the medical marijuana field had about the same handle on it that the general public does. I mean they threw in a whole bunch of technical scientific mumbo-jumbo, but it was essentially the same. There were claims of CBD being the main cannibinoid to reduce stress and anxiety, while at the same time saying it is only found today in very small concentrations. In one book they say the highest concentration recorded for a Sativa or Sativa dominant hybrid is 0.1% – 0.35%. In the same book it mentions a higher percentage in Indica and Indica dominate hybrids, with CBD levels reaching 0.6% – 2%. In another book the percentage evaluation for CBD found in Sativa dominant strain was nearly identical to the findings in the previous book. However what I found odd, is in the second book they claim a high level of CBD in some Indica dominate strains that can range from 1.5% – 13%.

To be honest with you, I’m not really sure what to believe at this point. I figure the only way to find what works for you is to test different strains for yourself. I’d like to believe that CBD does help with anxiety as I suffer from a disorder on a daily basis. It is also my hope that neither of these books lied to me. I plan to try several different indica dominant strains over the next months to come, and hopefully I will find one that works for me and may work for you as well. I plan to keep this up for at least a year, but I am hopeful I will find something sooner.

Here’s a list I have put together of some possible solutions to the anxiety disorder problem:

Strawberry Cough
Master Kush
Hindu Kush
BC Bud Blueberry
BC Bud Sweet God
BC God Bud
Bubba Kush
Big Bang
White Widow

I will update this thread as I try new strains. I will try to be as accurate as possible with the descriptions of my experience with each bud.

If you try one of the strains listed above before I do, I would love to hear about your experience. Or, If you have had success in relieving anxiety with another strain, I would love to hear about it. I’m sure many others would appreciate it as well.

This is a combination re-post of a question and a follow up post I posted in my introduction. (Original): I am a 23 year old male. I have suffered…

Indica vs Sativa for Anxiety – Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

As one of the most common mental health illnesses in the United States, anxiety affects millions of people. The most recent statistics suggest that 18.1% of people suffer from anxiety, although that doesn’t account for those who go without a diagnosis. Although talking therapies and beta blockers can help to treat the condition, some patients find they’re not quite enough. That’s why many are now looking into whether marijuana and anxiety are a good mix.

If you’re interested in the best marijuana strains for anxiety, you need to learn more about Indica and Sativa. Both have their place in treating the condition, but the type you use will depend on several factors. Fortunately, it only takes a little education to make the right decision.

Do marijuana and anxiety mix?

Although the media is sometimes awash with reports that cannabis can have harmful psychoactive effects, this isn’t always the case. One study from Washington State University reveals that marijuana and anxiety have a positive relationship. Using a self-reported study, the research team found that anxious feelings reduce in the short-term, resulting in temporary relief for patients. This could prevent panic attacks, which are often the most disabling elements of anxiety.

At the same time, some forms of medical marijuana can make a few of the symptoms of anxiety worse. For example, Indica may cause orthostatic hypotension, which is a form of low blood pressure that’s worse when you stand up. For those who suffer from anxiety, the feeling of disconnect and wooziness that comes with orthostatic hypotension could worsen their anxiety symptoms.

Understanding Indica vs Sativa for anxiety

Understanding the differences between Indica vs Sativa is the best way to choose the right type to tackle your anxiety. For now, it’s probably useful to learn more about the primary differences of Indica vs Sativa.

While Indica is excellent for generating a calm and serene effect, Sativa can cause your mind to become more active. Depending on how your anxiety operates, increased activity throughout your brain could make your anxiety worse rather than better. However, some believe that the differences between the two have little to do with the actual type and more to do with the CBD to THC ratio. While CBD is able to tackle conditions such as anxiety and depression, THC has more psychoactive properties. On occasion, THC’s psychoactive properties can induce some of the feelings that make anxiety more pronounced, such as paranoia.

As Sativa features more THC and has a lower CBD to THC ratio, there’s an argument to state that this means Indica is the better strain for anxiety. Although this is probably true in most cases, it’s important not to write Sativa off altogether. It still has a place in anxiety treatment, it’s just a bit more limited than that of Indica.

Is Indica or Sativa better for anxiety?

When it comes to figuring out “Is Indica or Sativa better for anxiety?” the quick answer is that it depends. If you’re going to take a generalist approach, the lower THC content of Indica may make it a better universal treatment. As THC is the psychoactive component of medical marijuana, it’s the same component that can make your mind overly active. This means having a higher CBD to THC ratio means you’ll experience the soothing effects of your anxiety treatment, but with a decreased risk of paranoia.

There is research to suggest that Sativa has the same effects on depression as a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). SSRIs are used to treat mild to moderate forms of depression and their mechanism of action is preventing serotonin from being reabsorbed too quickly in the brain. Depending on the nature of your anxiety and whether it co-exists alongside depression, this could mean that Sativa is useful. As research from the pharmaceutical world shows, SSRIs can treat OCD and generalized anxiety disorder. However, they also take a few weeks to act. If Sativa is similar in terms of time to act, you may find that it doesn’t deliver immediate relief.

As Indica-dominant strains of cannabis can result in a less mentally active high, they could alleviate some of the symptoms that make anxiety so pronounced. For example, many people who suffer from anxiety experience palpitations. As palpitations also arise when someone is feeling a sense of panic, their presence can make the condition feel worse. If you suffer from anxiety and you allow your palpitations to further induce panicking sensations, this can lead to a panic attack.

Overall, when considering “Is Indica or Sativa best for anxiety?” you need to consider whether you want immediate relief or not. If immediate relief is necessary and you’re treating your medical marijuana in the same way you’d treat a beta blocker, try Indica. Otherwise, you may want to consider either Sativa or a hybrid.

The best Indica strains for anxiety

If you’ve decided this is the right type of medical cannabis for you, it’s time to learn more about the best Indica strains for anxiety. Discovering different types is empowering and will help you make effective decisions.

Blackberry Kush

As a form of medical marijuana that stems from an Afghani parent plant, Blackberry Kush has an almost sweet flavor. It’s an Indica-dominant strain, making it an excellent form of immediate relief from anxiety symptoms. If your anxiety comes with a large dose of insomnia, consider using Blackberry Kush to make sleep easier.

Northern Lights

As one of the best Indica strains for anxiety, Northern Lights has a rapid tranquilizing-type effect. Because of this, it’s best to only use it when you don’t need to go anywhere. You may find that it works well for overly anxious thoughts that are spiraling out of control.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a form of Indica marijuana that will promote relaxation throughout your mind and body. This means it could work well if your anxiety is coupled with a chronic pain condition.

The best Sativa strains for anxiety

Finding the best Sativa strains for anxiety isn’t difficult. You may find that Sativa works better during the day when you need your mind to remain more active.

Jack Herer

Exercise caution when using Jack Herer as one of the best Sativa strains for anxiety. It does act as a mind stimulant, so it may not work well when your brain is flooded with anxious thoughts. However, if you’re having a good day that’s teetering on the edge and you need to boost concentration, it’s handy.

Strawberry Cough

If you’re interested in marijuana and anxiety but you don’t want to lose your sense of energy, try Strawberry Cough. It’s energizing, without sending your mind racing.

Overall, doing a little research and seeking advice is always advisable when you’re trying to treat anxiety with medical marijuana. Although Indica proves to be the best when delivering calming effects, you may want to try Sativa for making sure your mind remains slightly alert. If you find that the strain you try isn’t helping, consider stopping it and opting for something else.

If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, always speak to a medical professional before self-medicating.

Indica vs Sativa for Anxiety – Marijuana Strains for Anxiety As one of the most common mental health illnesses in the United States, anxiety affects millions of people. The most recent statistics