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MysticNuts: these are the hardest to get in numbers because they're not easy to find until well into the postgame. The final bonus dungeon is the only sensible place for MysticNuts, just because the BaraEvil's drop rate isn't good, even with high level thieves, and those battles are tougher to win quickly than EvilCloud. Lots of people have recommended Noaniels for general seed farming for the reason of the large assortment of seeds found there. GasClouds for VIT, MadRavens for AGL, Putrepup for LifeAcorn, MadHound for INT.

Once you're to the endgame, though, those XP are meaningless so you won't gain levels but extremely slowly doing it there, and I've found some of those monsters don't have quite as friendly drop odds just based on empirical observation. In summary, I prefer Shaman for Luck, Dragon in that swamp for VIT, Garuna Tower for LifeAcorn, INT, and STR, and the Madpeckers for AGL. The MadPeckers and Dragons are isolated to just that specific seed, but again, the Shamans will also yield STR from Goategon, that Garuna Tower is seed farming multitasking at its finest, and while farming VIT from Dragons you'll gain appreciable levels. Then when the time comes for MysticNuts, there are lots of other seeds in that last dungeon, too. Description [ edit | edit source ] Icon Skill Type. (Average Farming flavor text) Overview [ edit | edit source ] Farming is a Secondary Skill which can be performed at the Public Farm portion of Old Maury's Farm. The skill is used primarily to grow Ingredients, which are further used during Cooking. Obtaining the Skill [ edit | edit source ] The player can farm after the completion of Irine's Farming for Fun and Profit quest. Prerequisites [ edit | edit source ] Additionally, the player must possess Seeds to plant, a Sickle to harvest when the seeds have matured, as well as Watering Cans to water the plants, both of which can be purchased from Maury on Maury's Farm.

Watering cans and seeds are consumed as they get used; the sickle is indestructible. How to Farm [ edit | edit source ] Farming can be performed on five plots, four of which are public and one of which are private. A map of the locations are shown above, with the private plot on the far right. The number of seeds you can plant at any given time increases with your farming level. Each of the five farm channels has 168 possible available public plots for you to plant as many of the seeds as you can plant, however the plots are used by all players in the game. On the other hand, the private lot will always have space for planting, however you are limited to planting one seed in the private lot. To begin farming, find an unused plot - when you mouse-over an unused plot, an icon of a garden shovel will appear, as shown at right. Left-click the plot and a pop-up window will appear. Choose the seed you wish to plant, and click Plant Seeds. At this point, a yellow and a blue status bar will appear over your plant. The yellow bar indicates the time remaining until the plant will be ready to harvest, gradually filling. The blue bar indicates the time remaining before the plant needs to be watered, gradually depleting. The time remaining before harvesting always exceeds the time remaining before watering, so at least one watering can must be used. Mousing-over the plot will also display more precise details about the resources of the plant. The amount of water a plant can hold at any one time is limited. If the limit is exceeded and the plant can no longer be watered, a red X appears when mousing-over the plant. However, this doesn't mean the plant will not require more water in the future. Conversely, it is possible to provide more water than is necessary. The player must therefore pay close attention to the amount of time remaining before harvesting vs. the amount of water available to decide when and whether to water. When the yellow bar has filled, the plant can be harvested by left clicking on the plant. The harvested item then is placed in farm storage, which can be accessed by talking to Maury in the Public Farm, where the item will be stored for 15 days. After this time, the item will disappear if not acquired from Maury and placed into your own inventory. You can also toggle the farming Status Board by clicking on the button below the user information in the upper left.

This will display all the seeds currently being planted, as well as details regarding the harvest and water progress, information about the number of public plots available, and the ability to toggle whether or not the location of your plants appear in the minimap at the bottom center of the screen. The cannabis strain Acapulco Gold is a favorite sativa. Its buds are known to be various hues of green, brown, and gold with orange pistils, causing it to resemble golden nuggets. Its aroma is similar to burnt toffee or butterscotch and leaves a spicy, nutmeg taste in the mouth. Only one of its parent strains is known, the sativa Mexican and its origins lie around Acapulco, Mexico. It has a high reputation of being one of the best sativa strains on the market. The THC level of Acapulco Gold averages at 15% and can reach levels of 23%. Its high produces powerful cerebral effects, lifting one’s spirits with dominant feelings of cheerfulness. However, it has been known to reduce some mild aches and pains despite its sativa origins.

Besides the usual cotton mouth and dry eyes, consumers have been known to experience minor anxiety or paranoia if too much is consumed in one sitting. Growers will find that Acapulco gold is best grown indoors despite its traditional environment of being outdoors.


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