best sog strain

whats the best strains for sea of green?

Living dead girl

LOL, problem with this statement is it’s something EVERYONE is looking for.

I’ve ran about 20 different strains in Single Bud SOG grow’s and quite frankly EVERY strain can be manipulated to produce heavy with only a single bud.

How much space for plant growth (height) do you have?
How many plants do you plan on running?

I hate to contradict SEA but my Sour Diesel outperforms everything with this style of growing, you just have to know how to tame her. However, I have done very well with heavy Indica strains, they just need to be vegged longer to get to the same production.

Following a 4 plant per sq ft method, Sour Diesels and OG are vegged for 7-10 days, where the indica dominant strains are closer to 2-3 weeks.

If your clones are strong and your room/nutrient regimen are legit you should have no problem hitting 2+ per 1000 watt light.

This is the reference I hand out to everyone looking to grow SOG style, it’s where I started. Unfortunately the grower hasn’t been around for years.

hey guys kinda new to the hobby and im building an 8 light sea of green in my basement, im looking for the best strain to buy from seed somthing that yields…