best ph for cannabis in soil

So for a 5 gallon container, you would use between 15 to 25 gallons of water to flush. If you feed heavy (any burnt tips, that’s an easy way to tell) then go with 5x. Some growers connect their plants to automated watering pumps, using garden hoses, or running the water through the shower. This makes it easy, but will add chlorine and it won’t have a lowered pH, which isn’t ideal.

But for growers with a lot of plants to flush using straight tap water is a much easier solution then to pH down many batches in buckets. If you have a small home grow and are flushing marijuana plants in coco coir or soil, a 30-gallon plastic barrel filled with water comes in handy. Let it sit a day or two to dissipate the chlorine, adjust the ph down to 5.8 – 6.0, and then use an automated watering system or a hose on a strong pump to slowly release water on the plants. How to flush marijuana plants in direct-water culture (DWC) or hydroponic growing systems. Flushing takes effect quickly when you grow cannabis hydroponically since the roots are in direct contact with the nutrient solution. Once you start providing plain, pH’d water the effect of flushing will begin. Because of this you can start flushing 7 days before anticipated harvest. Some hydro growers will gradually lower the water’s PPM for a few days to avoid shocking the plants.

How can you tell if weed plants are properly flushed in coco? The best way to tell if cannabis plants are properly flushed in coco coir is to monitor the run-off water escaping the bottom of the container. Your goal is to see PPM levels that are equivalent to the water you’re putting into it. If it seems higher than the plain water you started with, keep flushing. If you over-fertilize your plants, you will find that you need to flush more then if you are a light feeder. Measuring the PPM’s of runoff throughout the grow cycle can help you understand this better. Remember f you growing hydroponically, flushing affects your plants quicker than if in soil since the roots are directly in water. If you over-flush your sugar leaves may yellow which affects final bud appearance, but the improvements in flavor, taste, and smokability will be well worth it. Cut those leaves at the stems when trimming and you’ll be fine. This can happen if your plants take longer to reach the harvest window due to a schedule miscalculation or problems in the flowering period that extend the flowering times for plants. Are nutrient flushing and salt clearing products like FloraKleen and Clearex worth it? General Hydroponics FloraKleen Mineral Salt Clearing Solution and Botanicare CLEAREX Rinsing Solution are salt leeching products designed to help leech excess nutrient salts from your plants. They are marketed as helping flush weed plants event better than pure water. Having never done a side by side test we can’t attest to this. Most growers we know go with the plain water approach. But if you want to go the extra mile, or if the harvest window snuck up on you and you don’t have a full 2 weeks to flush then these nutrient mineral salt clearing or rinsing solutions can help you make up for lost time. Knowing how to flush marijuana plants comes down to a few key things: Slowly flush with plenty of clean, pH’d down water The amount of water per plant is 3-5x your container size Begin flushing plants 10-14 days before harvest for grows in coco coir or soil. Indica dominant Cheese Bomb is another heavy hitter from the prolific Dutch cannabis scene and a firm favourite in Amsterdam’s coffee shops. To create it, the cultivators crossed two strains, Bomb #1 and Bomb #3, and then bred the resulting plant with the Cheese strain. Cheese is quite unusual in the cannabis hybrid world since it was originally created in the UK. It’s also highly respected, as proven by its second place in the Indica section of the Cannabis Cup in 2008 and third place in the People’s Cup section in 2004. The Cheese Bomb strain has an earthy, skunky aroma and when you smoke it you’ll notice the cheese flavour, like a mature cheddar, tangy and slightly salty. The stone is quite heavy and physical but not couchlocking – you’ll still feel alert and active, so this is a good weed for socialising and parties. Medically, this cannabis can be used to alleviate muscular pain and to stimulate appetite. Cheese Bomb weed plants grow to between 90 and 140 centimetres tall depending on the growing regime and the leaves are broad and jungle green.

The buds are dense and on the large side, covered with glistening crystals. Indoors, the plants thrive with the SOG method whether you grow them in hydro or soil. Flowering time is six to eight weeks and yields are between 400 to 500 grams per square metre.

Outdoor growing is possible in cooler northern climates as long as you take dare to avoid the risk of frost. Cheese Bomb has good commercial potential as well as being a favourite with domestic growers.


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