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An indica dominant that grew fairly short with many large resin heads, a vomit/cheese scent/flavor, and lots of purple/pink hues. The second was exactly as described on Barney's website with a cinnamon/spice flavor. I managed to average 170 g/m^2 which is significantly below my garden's regular average of around 750 g/m^2. I did not get this strain tested for potency because I will not be growing it again. Waste of time and money ONE ADVICE - never buy new strains expecialy from barneys ZÉ DA BÓIA.

A good strain overall, with good yield and a nice high. Devil Smurf (Empath stories) Devil Smurf Gender Male or female, depending on Smurf character Race Spirit in the form of a Smurf Occupation Tempter Alignment Evil First Appearance "Papa's Big Crush" Gallery. Devil Smurf is a character that appears in the Empath-related fanfiction story "Papa's Big Crush", appearing in the form of Papa Smurf to tempt him to use the "pheromone cologne" in order to attract Smurfette. He usually appears alongside Angel Smurf as the tempter who encourages a Smurf to do whatever they desire to do whenever they are faced with a moral dilemma. The only Smurf that Devil Smurf wouldn't appear with is Empath, as his sense of morality is based on what the Smurfs would do and what the Psyches would do. Tapper is the least likely Smurf for Devil Smurf to tempt since he usually counters such temptations by adhering to Scripture.

Nonetheless, he did try to tempt Tapper into pursuing after Smurfette's hand in marriage around the same time that the other Smurfs were doing the same on the first day of spring. Devil Smurf appears in the form of whatever Smurf he or she chooses to appear to. The most common features of Devil Smurf are the dark blue skin, the horns on his or her head, the batlike demon wings, the long pointy tail, and the pitchfork. Devil Tapper wears a green tie but no vest, reflecting Tapper's "sinful nature" self. Possible Voice Actor(s) Devil Smurf's voice would be that of the character Devil Smurf takes the form of. In Papa Smurf's case, it would be either Ethan Phillips or John O'Hurley. Angel Smurf and Devil Smurf during Papa Smurf's moral dilemma. Devil Smurf Gender Male Race Smurf in appearance Occupation Tempter Alignment Evil Voice Actor Arte Johnson First Appearance Season 4 Gallery. Devil Smurf is a character that appeared in various episodes of the Smurfs cartoon show. He shows up along with Angel Smurf when a Smurf is faced with a moral dilemma that tempts him or her to do something evil, with Devil Smurf acting as the personification of that Smurf's innermost selfish desires. Though he was able to tempt most Smurfs into going along with their desires, he was unable to do the same with Papa Smurf due to his wisdom. There was a Devil Smurf that appeared to Greedy Smurf in the form of Greedy in "The Smurfs and the Money Tree", but that one came specifically with the tree and is not related to the Devil Smurf that normally appears along with Angel Smurf. Wedding venue says deposit 'non-refundable' A Glendale wedding business is shutting down, leaving families to figure out what to do next. Laura Roether, of Glendale, says she's been planning her son's wedding for months. While he is stationed in Montana, she has taken on the planning of his 2017 wedding. But just a few weeks after giving a cash deposit to Manor at Catlin Court in Glendale, she found out the business is shutting down. Even worse, they wouldn't be refunding her deposit. "It's supposed to be the happiest time of their life right now. They're ecstatic and you're taking somebody's money," she says. Owner Kent White sent me a letter from his landlord saying the business is being evicted due to the building being sold. He calls the deposit non-refundable and says the money is already spent. But says he arranged with two other venue to provide the services at a discount. In a statement he says in part: "We will be honoring existing weddings this month and next. After nearly nine years, over 500 weddings, this is not what we expected.

We felt it best to notify everyone." Laura says, not good enough. "It's $1,000 more and it's not exactly what they were looking for." She wants her money back. But in a business sense, you need to give me my money back," she says. If a credit card had been used, filing a dispute may have gotten her money back. Bottom line--non-refundable deposits protects the business.

If you can get it in writing, specify that you want the money held for the event, not paying the light bill. Call the Assistance League of Phoenix volunteers at 1-855-323-1515. You can also send me an email, or a video email where you attach a video explaining the problem. And you can reach me on Twitter or "like" the Let Joe Know Facebook page and tell me about it there.


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