best feminizing herbs

It is also one of the best-feminized cannabis seeds that are effortless to grow. Producing a mellow, uplifting effect, it’s perfect for the smoker looking for a creative or social high. It contains up to 20% THC and can be grown indoors or outdoors in a cool climate. It has a pungent, sweet-sour flavor and can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions like depression, lack of appetite, and chronic pain. Offers a mellow high Has up to 20% THC Grows in a compact fashion.

Northern Lights is sold by several authoritative seed banks. A legend in autoflowering form, this strain is indica-dominant and combines one of the top 10 ruderalis strains with Northern Lights. It is powerful and produces a sweet, succulent flavor. It is relaxing and can be used to ease away all kinds of aches and pains. Northern Lights has the ability to go from seed to harvest in just 8 weeks to 9 weeks, although sometimes it takes a bit longer. It can grow up to 1.2 meters high, which isn’t the shortest but also not the tallest plant you will find.

This autoflowering strain can produce up to 200 grams when produced in optimal conditions and is great for beginning and veteran growers alike. Produces up to 200 grams per plant Has a relaxing, uplifting high Excellent genetics. One of the most infamous strains of marijuana, White Widow contains tons of THC and looks fantastic with all of its orange hairs and white trichome crystals. Produced from some of the best autoflowering seeds, white widow is a great option for beginners seeking a high yield autoflowering strains. It’s from Spain and consists of 60% indica, 10% ruderalis, and 30% sativa. It yields a powerful high and only takes 8 weeks from seed to flowering time. Has a dank flavor with a smooth buzz Grow sin a compact fashion Has 21% THC. Pineapple Express is an indica-dominant pot plant that is produced from some of the most potent genetics. A top-selling autoflower strain, it combines fragrances like wood, spices, and even lemon. Pineapple Express grows to a medium height and has very short flowering time – usually less than 8 weeks. If you are trying to grow marijuana seeds in a small, cramped place, this is one of the best for you to consider. Best yet, Pineapple Express cannabis seeds produce plants that yield an enjoyable, relaxing, and long-lasting high. Can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse Has a fruity pineapple flavor Grows to a short height under 100 cm. If you want to grow one of the top 10 autoflowering strains but don’t have a lot of room to do so, you might want to consider OG Kush. sure, most of the top 10 ruderalis strains are low-growing, but OG Kush is exceptionally so. This strain is designed for growing in small places like tight closets or grow rooms. It only grows to about one meter tall, something that’s practically unheard of in the world of weed. It has excellent genetics that make it grow in a uniform manner and since its lineage is pure Kush, it will also be one of the most-loved autoflowering seeds strains to give you a euphoric high. It is peppery and light, with hints of sour citrus. The autoflower strain packs a punch of 15-20% THC and CBD of up to 1%. Great for stress relief Has a peppery taste Grows in a compact, short fashion. Designed as a blend of strains from Afghanistan and Thailand, this autoflower pot strain includes both Purple Than Sativa and Afghanistan Indica. It’s 85% indica and just 15% sativa, lending a heavy and relaxing effect to the user.

One of the sweetest tasting cannabis strains you will find, this autoflowering strain is true to its name. It has a pleasant fruity flavor, not unlike that of blueberries and has been winning awards since its inception in the 1970s. This strain of cannabis also provides users with extensive medicinal benefits. It can be used to help treat migraines, ADD, insomnia, muscle spasms, depression, nausea, and more.

Overall, this potent autoflower strain has an earthy, fruity flavor.


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