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Common grower knowledge says that lower humidity towards the end of the flowering stage will raise THC levels, but this study makes me want to look into that further since the hemp in the study actually produced higher levels of THC at higher humidities! There are certain techniques that will definitely maximize the THC produced by your cannabis, and there are other methods which may increase potency but their effects are less certain. If you are serious about increasing the THC levels in your cannabis, make sure to follow the top steps which are known to increase potency!

Skipping any of those steps will reduce your potency for certain! Choosing the right strain, giving plenty of bright light, taking great care of your plants while they’re alive, and harvesting/drying/curing properly are the most important steps you can take to increase the THC levels of your buds! But luckily for cannabis growers, most of the “unknowns” can’t hurt your plants, so there’s no harm in trying them out, too! There's nothing more relaxing than listening to a little music with a nice cannabis high circulating through your system. Other times, there's nothing more exciting — which is its own activity altogether. If you're smoking weed and listening to music to relax or get hyped, you're ahead of the curve. She told, "No one quite understands it, but the cannabinoid receptors seem to be involved in producing a watchful, alert state." This vigilance means that some people experience a richer sensory response to auditory stimuli like music, rendering it more enjoyable for some, provided it's the right type of music. What constitutes the best songs to listen to when high?

Just like munchies, this all comes down to personal preference. It's safe to assume that if you already love a song, experiencing it while high might kick it up a few notches, but being buzzed is also a perfect time to experiment with something new. Sensations like taste, sight and sound, are often felt more intensely with almost any intoxicant, even coffee can alter our perception. Cannabis has had a reputation for providing this enhancement for generations — ancient civilizations used it to increase sensory experiences. If you're a hip-hop fan or strictly listen to opera on vinyl, you will get more bang for your buck with the addition of cannabinoids. Levitin, music psychologist and professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at McGill University, wrote in his book The World in Six Songs that THC's potential to make listeners feel euphoric and disrupt short-term memory allows listens to be more in the moment and “hear music from note to note.” That sounds a bit scary, but it just means to use care when consuming, as too much sensory enhancement is overwhelming for some people. For example, though you may want music to sound better, you don't want to smell strong odors with more intensity at the same time. As for what you should listen to while partaking, one thing we can suggest is to focus on pro-pot artists. Every penny that you send to a cannabis-friendly musician or performer helps them accrue money, new listeners, click power and other ways to help you evangelize cannabis, via music stars. Here are several musicians who are popular within the cannabis community: Snoop Dogg Dr. Dre Pink Floyd Bob Marley Jimi Hendrix Grateful Dead Method Man Cypress Hill Tame Impala Kendrick Lamar Flaming Lips Wiz Khalifa Berner. Does that mean these musicians have the best songs to listen to high? Not necessarily, but they have managed to be important musical artists within many pro-cannabis communities and the larger weed culture. Some people enjoy listening to the same music they normally listen to while enjoying cannabis products. Some people like to listen to Afro Man's “Because I Got High.” To each their own! While modern popular music fully embraces the plant, artists from almost every type of music have some triangulation to cannabis at some point, so no one should feel left out — even classical music composers and conductors are fond of the leaf. A world without music would be a puritanical hell where everyone is forced to ‘conform’ and listen to daily lectures from Mike Pence. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, music is the back and front doors, as it fills you with a wide range of emotions. There is music for every mood: Unbridled joy, longing, anger, and lust. When you include marijuana with the magical magnetism of music, you have a combination that goes together better than a low-rent wannabe dictatorial leader and prison. In this list, we look at 20 songs that sound incredible when you’re stoned, but they aren’t necessarily about Mary Jane. Music is a subjective art form, so we don’t expect you to agree with all, or even any, of these choices! As such, we invite you to provide your own stoner classics in the comments section below. So here they are, the 20 best songs to listen to while high: 1 – Led Zeppelin – Ramble On.

This English band is one of the greatest in rock n’ roll history, and there are about a dozen songs from their back catalog that you could listen to while high. ‘Stairway to Heaven’ deserves an honorable mention simply for being one of the greatest songs ever written. However, ‘Ramble On’ is arguably an even better choice when one is utterly stoned. ‘Ramble On’ contains wonderful, soothing guitar riffs along with heavy guitar music that brings you into the complex world of Robert Plant and co. It is part of the album Led Zeppelin II which was released in 1969. According to Plant, the lyrics to the song were inspired by The Lord of the Rings . This Australian band has been described as a cross between John Lennon and Pink Floyd. Their brand of psychedelic rock has become extremely popular with stoners, and there is a multitude of songs by Tame Impala that you could listen to while baked. The track ‘Yes I’m Changing’ comes from the band’s third album, Currents , which was released in 2015. Radiohead is a UK band that has always tried its best to move away from convention.

Their seventh album, In Rainbows , was released in 2013 without the aid of a major record label and is arguably one of the band’s finest. The entire album is a triumph of alternative music with piano, electronics, strings, and the ondes Martenot all getting an airing. ‘15 Step’ is an atmospheric track that transports you to another realm when you are sober, let alone when you are high. The song utilizes the rare 5/4 meter which makes it extremely hard to clap along to. Not that you’ll care because you’ll be too busy remaining in awe of a masterpiece.


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