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Thought it was only me, I'm always running low on wires. Hehe smart man, thats exactly what I did because it's the easiest part to farm early on with the highest return vs ease to obtain. Just keep killing grazers from the first hunting ground and sell blazers and use that to buy wires.

7 Tips to Become The Ultimate Hunter in Horizon: Zero Dawn. You have ventured out of Mother’s Cradle and into a world as deadly as it is beautiful. There are plenty of challenges out there, so here are seven strategies to help you conquer the world of machines. Guerilla Games have created a stunning world in Horizon: Zero Dawn . You can explore fertile valleys to rocky deserts, uncovering the mysteries of a civilization long past. New threats have arisen, and you must explore this land of increasingly hostile machines. As you might imagine, a bow and arrow are not the most effective tools for fighting metal beasts. Planing, agility and the right tools for the job will go a long way to giving you the edge. Mastering your tools and abilities will go a long when it comes time to take on legendary threats like Redmaw.

In a game about taking on robots with a bow and arrow, it should be no surprise that agility is your best friend. At a distance, the machines will come at you with everything they have from sonic blasts to mounted cannons. You will need to master the art of the quick fire and dodge. The Concentration skill is particularly useful during these confrontations. After it is unlocked, you can activate it using the R3 button and buy yourself a few seconds of “bullet time” to line up your shots. It has a 1:1 cooldown rate: you can not activate it until the meter is full, but it will be available again sooner if you don’t use it all in one go. Which skills you unlock will depend a lot on your playstyle, but skills like Silent Strike, Dodge Prowess, and Concentration are invaluable to everyone. Machines will throw themselves at you, wiping their tails or horns violently. You will need to be agile as you roll and dodge incoming attacks. Mastering the dodge roll will be your greatest asset. You can unlock the Dodge Prowess skill to give yourself more control over your maneuvers. Try and unlock Dodge Prowess and Concentration early on. These will make your escapes faster and buy you the time you need to land that perfect shot. The Ropecaster can come in very handy in situations where you have to deal with multiple machines. It will allow you to pin them down for a short period but they will escape eventually. The better your Ropecaster the bigger the machines you will be able to keep in place. This is a great tool for fighting in the late game Thunderjaw or Stormbirds but it can also take a lot of frustration out of fighting very agile creatures like Glinthawks. These metallic beasts are tough, and the larger and more aggressive they become the further you get from home. Fighting them is tricky one-on-one and deadly when there is more than one of them. A much better strategy is to study them, lay traps, and strike when they suspect it least. Horizon has a fairly simple but effective stealth system built in.

Unless actively looking (with a yellow Exclamation mark next to their health bar), machines won’t be able to detect you in the many convenient patches of tall grass. Use your focus to identify their weaknesses and track their movements. Laying traps and tripwire in their paths is an excellent way to shave off some of their health. This strategy that can be repeated until they are done for if you are really looking to avoid a fight. Your focus can identify threats, weak spots, and opportunities so you can plan your approach accordingly. Unlocking the “Silent Strike” skill will allow you to take out small machines like Watchers instantly, and upgrading Silent Strike allows you to handle medium machines. Larger machines won’t be taken out of the fight with one of these, but it can do a lot of damage and leave them momentarily stunned for you to reposition. You can use rocks or unlock skills such as “Lure” to manipulate your targets into your traps or silent takedowns.

As a bonus tip, stealth and silent takedowns are the easiest way to take out Bandit Camps.


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