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Ohio Medical Marijuana Strain Review:
Beach Wedding by
Woodward Fine Cannabis

It’s A Nice Day For A . Beach Wedding

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Packaging: First Impressions

Fire Rock out of Akron, Ohio has been killing it with their Woodward Fine Cannabis brand, and this “Limited Edition” release is no different. Aesthetically, the bottle here is not unlike Animal Face #2, another Woodward “Limited Edition” strain, favoring a neon-infused ’80s vibe with logo and design.

The bottle itself is also fairly easy to open, so patients with pain in their hands or fingers need not worry too much. And the clear plastic bottle is also recyclable, and easy to see your cannabis. Frankly, there’s very little to complain about here. Woodward does it again with some of the best packaging in Ohio.

Cannabis Look: Out of the Bottle​

Woodward delivers another beautiful cannabis strain, rich with striking pistils and sharp, pointed leaves. Each bud cola features a vast array of colors, from deep green, almost blue, leaves accenting the strain to sparks of bright purple, most notable around the remaining stem of each nug. Trichomes even reflect the purple if you move this nug around in the light.

Speaking of trichomes … this one is LOADED with them. My hands got really sticky just breaking these nugs up into my grinder. Trichomes both shimmered and twinkled under my lights, reflecting not only the purple hues, but also the softer greens and oranges.

I kept discovering new colors and nuance each time I re-explored the landscape of this bud. Be sure to do the same as there’s a whole lot to love about the surface of this unique strain.

How Does It Grind?

Buds in my bottle were about the size of a nickel or larger, with maybe a half bowl of shake at the bottom of the bottle. Nugs here are medium density, not too brittle, and grind to a wonderful consistency for vaping in about 9-12 turns of your grinder.

This strain isn’t much of a giving tree, but that’s not surprising since it’s not very dense. I took about 3-4 nugs from my bottle and got about 2 (maybe 2.5) bowls for vaping.

Smell Before Vaping

Beach Wedding is hybrid strain, a cross of Tropicana Cookies and Wedding Cake, a Woodward strain we’ve recently reviewed. Aroma of Beach Wedding will definitely get you in the mood for a soothing late afternoon beach nuptial. There’s a strong berry current that created a sense like eating a fruit salad. At times, I noted blueberry, then raspberry, then even a hint of cherry.

There’s also an almost creamy quality to the aroma that smells vaguely of cheese. Combined with the berry accents, this created a very wedding-like wine and cheese vibe.

This is complemented by a powerful minty thread throughout the nugs. It’s impossible to miss, striking the nostrils with an almost spearmint-like aroma.

I am continually stunned by how different this simple little plant can smell, just by switching up a few techniques, or crossing species. And this hybrid is no different. Its aroma is absolutely dazzling.

The Taste Test

I vaped this medical cannabis with an Arizer ExtremeQ vaporizer. I like to start my first bag at a lower temperature to open the terpenes, and work up to a higher temp to vaporize the cannabinoids.

When I reviewed Wedding Cake, I discussed the chaotic nature of that strain’s flavor, which was fruity, but difficult to nail down, and sometimes too fruity. Since this strain is a hybrid of Wedding Cake, I was partially expecting that same chaotic flavor. But it would seem that mixing Wedding Cake with Tropicana Cookies has resulted in a rather unique, and altogether different, taste from either of those strains.

Beach Wedding leans on a strong floral current that felt like running through a fresh garden in the spring. The minty aroma appears to have combined with the fruity accents to create a gentle floral taste that’s almost like exhaling the fumes of a fruity breath mint.

I also noted a slight nutty aftertaste as I finished vaping this flower. The minty floral sweetness also remained on the tongue for a few minutes after vaping, which was both refreshing and tasty. At times, I did feel a little overwhelmed by the flavor, like I was vaping a perfume rather than a flower. But this issue only hit me mid-bag, for three or four hits.

This strain would pair very well with a relaxing red wine, a fruity beer, or even a minty herbal tea. This one also pairs well with coffee, the minty flavors adding a floral accent to the drink.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Beach Wedding by Woodward Fine Cannabis It’s A Nice Day For A . Beach Wedding Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer Packaging: First Impressions