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You don’t need a whole lot of space if you want to grow plants like sunflowers, strawberries, and daisies. Paris Garden has windowsill easy grow kits for you to hang on your window ledge. There are single-plant grow kits for daisies and sunflowers. On top of that, there’s the Mini Windowsill Oval Duo Colour where you can plant 2 plant varieties like strawberry and mint, or lavender and thyme.

Eco City Hydroponics – basic hydroponics kit, from $35. Hydroponics is great for those who don’t like to get their hands dirty with soil. Eco City Hydroponics has a Hydroponics Hobby Kit System that’s retailing for $35 . It’s worth the price when hydroponics can ensure that your greens can grow bigger and faster, save water, and be healthy without soil-based diseases and pests. The basic kit has all you need to nurture 4 plants from a nutrient solution tank, nutrient solution, hydro pots, sample seeds, and a manual. If you want more to plant, opt for the 6-plant hobby kit system for $50 . Check out Eco City Hydroponics’ Hydroponics Hobby Kit System .

Growing your own greens home isn’t as intimidating as it seems. These 8 beginner-friendly plant growing kits might just be the cure to your self-iso boredom during the Circuit Breaker. From microgreens and salad mixes to herbs and peppers, have a blast harvesting from your indoor plantation that’ll make great toppings for meals at home. Read how you can grow other greens at home here: Plant grow kits. Perfectly sized for wedding, party and event favors. Your seeds were carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and germination rate. You can grow with confidence knowing that your seeds are Guaranteed to Grow. If your seeds didn’t sprout, we will replace them at no charge. Please fill out the short form below, and we’d be happy to send your replacements. Make sure you learn the best techniques to save you in your time of greatest need. You never know when there might come a time where all you have is your bud and nothing to smoke out of. It’s always handy to know what other options you might find around the house. Let’s first make it clear that the following methods should only be used as last resorts. If you can go out and buy yourself a glass piece, do that. These aren’t materials traditionally used to smoke weed. A proper bong or pipe will always do your bud more justice. The flavour, the burn, and the smoothness will all be better from an object specially made with these factors in mind. Nonetheless, the factors mentioned don’t include “high.” That’s because, technically, you’ll be consuming the same amount of THC if you're using the same quantity of the same marijuana flower. Even if not the most pleasant, these stoner MacGyver techniques will surely be effective. We had to start with a method that has been, and still is, super popular. Now making a comeback on social media is smoking out of foodstuffs - the same method your grandpa used during his stoner days. The easiest fruit to morph into a pipe is the apple. This sturdy yet soft treat will allow you to carve out a pipe system without much effort.

Use an empty pen tube or a small knife to carve out the central stem, but not all the way down. Try not to go over three-quarters of the way through. With this hollowed out, do the same thing but perpendicular to your first carve. You can always change things up to make them more pleasant to smoke. If you have a bowl, place it on the top of the apple. Or, you could use the tip of a pen or any other material (that doesn’t melt or release harmful fumes) as a bowl. You can customise things further by changing the type and quantity of fruit. Essentially, anything will work as long as you can build an airflow system like with the apple.

You can even stack vegetables and fruit together to build a larger and tastier bong. You might even be able to add water if you use a pineapple, for example.


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