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They then take a puff and pass it on to the person next to them. This process repeats until someone can’t think of something to keep the story going. Word Creation is where a group of people have to come up with a word that corresponds to the last letter in someone else’s answer. You can pick a category and then say something related to that category. Someone else needs to come up with a word in that category that begins with the last letter of the word you just said.

For instance, the category is sports and someone says basketball. The next person can then say something like lacrosse. If you do this game with a group of people just go down the line until someone can’t think of something to say. Once someone is out of the game during that specific round, you can then change the category and begin again until someone else loses. The winner at the end can be rewarded with their own joint. If you want an action-packed game to play with your group, you can create a race. Use your imagination to create a maze participants must race around in.

For instance, you can line a table up with various joints, bongs, and pipes that participants must smoke or do certain things with. This board game created by Stoner Brothers lets you and 2-6 other players run your own pot farm. You’ll receive a pre-set amount of money and a few resource cards beforehand. You must use these to grow your business to be successful and profitable. You’ll have to plant, harvest, and sell your cannabis to make money. The winner is the player who has the most money at the end. If you enjoy Monopoly, you’ll like playing this board game. A simple game, Don’t Smile involves a group sitting around together in a circle smoking a joint and trying not to smile. You can try to make the other players smile, but you have to prevent yourself from doing so. You can continue this game until there’s only one person left. You can even add a twist this game and instead have people freeze in certain positions. The first person to move from their position loses the game. This board game allows you to harvest cannabis plants on your own farm and make money off of them. You’ll have to collect certain cards and tokens to move forward in the game while watching out for shady characters. The person with the most weed in the end and who can outmaneuver the villains wins. THC – The Game is a board game created by Kheper Games and is perfect to play when you and a group of people are high. This game requires 2-4 players to work and involves you moving around a board that’s covered in certain dares and challenges, like thumb wrestling. To move around the winding path on the board, you can spin a colorful spinner which will land on a certain color. Whatever color that spinner lands on you need to move to that color on the board and do what that space says. The person to get to the end of the board first successfully wins. You play weed jenga the same way you would regular jenga, but with a twist. To play this, you first need to take all the blocks and writes something regarding weed on them. You can write a certain smoking device on it or a smoking method on it. Participants should try to pull a block out carefully and if they do successfully they can do what is written on the block.

However, if you cause the tower to fall, you have to roll everyone a joint. Pass the Grass is a board game where you do challenges in order to move around the board. You’ll use dice, cards, and tokens to determine what you do in the game and where you move on the board. To play, you throw the dice and move whatever number it lands on. You can draw a card from the pile after shuffling them up together and do what that card says. You continue to do this until someone arrives at the end of the board. If you want to play something relaxing while smoking, you can use these cards. Designed with a green color and a hemp leaf on the front of them, you can play a fun game of cards while taking in a smoke. The cards even come with a burlap bag you can store them in when you’re done playing with them for safe keeping.

This board game created by Roach Party Board Games features a crazy swirling pattern on it that’s sure to be a lot of fun to play. You need about 4 players to play and need to roll a dice to determine the number of spaces you’ll move on it. The board includes interesting spaces like the Money Café where you can collect money and Pot-Luck. The goal of the game is to be able to pay your supporter.


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