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Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take it up a notch with this I.O. produces top-quality mil-spec rifles, bringing military grade quality to recreational shooting. This particular rifle is actually a step above their more standard guns, and not that much more expensive. It looks a little different from other AKs you’ll find out there, especially more traditional styles.

The furniture is all polymer, so it is super light and easy to transport and handle. On top of that, a foldable wire stock, made from stamped steel, takes even more weight off compared to other rifles. You can fold the stock up to store it or carry it with you. The gun is just under 7 pounds all together – awesome for portability. The magazine release is extended, in contrast with older models of the gun, to make reloading faster and easier. The trigger is improved and sharp, and the barrel is treated with nitride, which makes it as accurate, if not more accurate, than a chrome-lined barrel as well as corrosion and scratch resistant. The sights are adjustable up to 1000 yards – honestly more than you will ever realistically need with the accuracy of an AK, but the thought is nice.

occasionally falls behind in is ensuring the quality of all their guns. Some owners have reported issues with the rivets on the AKM-247C in the past, making it harder to install their upper and lower receivers. This is a small problem, though – the chances of you encountering it are low, and it is fixable if you do. Because of the large gas port, the recoil is a lot stronger than what you would experience with other modern AKs. It’s not a huge issue, as long as you are prepared for it. It especially excels in its lightness and portability – awesome for someone who wants a gun that won’t take up much space. We should clarify right off the bat, this is not a standard AK-47, but an AK pistol. You can add a stock to it to make it standard size, but remember that this is going to take a lot of paperwork and certifications. If you are looking for an AK pistol, though, this is an awesome choice. You can find it with a full set of rails, or with no rails, depending on which model you buy. The SAM7K-01R, with full rails, will allow you to mount optics, which you might want – the sights on this pistol aren’t its best quality. Part of what makes the SAM7K so durable is its milled receiver. It also has a chrome-lined 10.5-inch barrel that is manufactured by cold hammer forging (honestly, probably the coolest method of producing a rifle barrel, and the most reliable). There is also coned flash suppressor on the barrel. Despite the heavier milled receiver, the gun is fairly light. It has polymer furniture with a sleek corrosion-resistant coating. A double-hook trigger allows you to fire the gun smoothly and easily. The downside: because it is a pistol, it’s just not going to be as accurate as a full-length AK-47. But the trigger is smooth enough that you can add a stock and convert it into a rifle without too many hitches. We would recommend this AK pistol to anyone who is looking to customize or build their own SBR. Because of its compact size, it also works well as a home defense pistol. Last up on our list is one of best AKs out there in terms of pure, high-quality build. Actually, if you want to get technical about it, the VZ.58 is not literally an AK-47 – it is a Czech offshoot built largely like the AK. But it looks and operates essentially the same, and it’s really top quality, so we thought we would include it on our list of the best AK-47s.

The quality starts in the milled receiver, which offers a longer lifespan and a sturdier build all together. The thumb-operated safety switch is quick and smooth, and it automatically locks open when the magazine is empty, so you can reload as quickly as possible. Furniture is made of a wood and polymer blend, so you get the classic wooden look on the stock and frontend, without adding too much weight. Unfortunately, some people have complained that the blend looks cheap – but that is a matter of preference. The barrel of the gun is both chrome-lined and nitrate-coated. It is completely corrosion resistant and much more accurate than a lot of standard American AKs. Adding to that accuracy is a smooth, crisp trigger. The sights is one area where this gun actually fails compared to some other AKs on our list. They are comparable with standard, 300-yard AK-47 sights, like what you might find on the Century Arms Red Army.

It can be mounted with optics, though, without too much of a headache. The barrel is also threaded for any muzzle to be installed. With a little customizing, this could be the perfect competition shooting rifle.


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