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It is named after an instrument of death capable of producing rapid amounts of bullets. However, the AK-47 marijuana strain is a mild and gentle one. It is a cross of an Afghani indica and a South American sativa. AK-47 was probably first grown in the Netherlands in the 1990s and has won over a dozen awards. Its THC content ranges from a reasonable 13% to a strong 20%.

Users report feeling a sensation of clear-headed relaxation followed by a boost in their mood. It is an uplifting strain, ideal for dealing with depression or stress. The high often lasts longer than average, and you may find yourself giggling uncontrollably. It has an initial sour aroma coupled with a smell of earth. If you dig a little deeper, you may also get hints of sugar. AK-47 has a floral taste with earthiness and spiciness thrown in. It is often used to treat anxiety, chronic pain, and lack of appetite. You can grow AK-47 outdoors, but please note it is sensitive to mold and rotting. It also provides a very strong smell that your neighbors will pick up.

When grown outside, this strain is ready for harvest in October and offers a yield of 14+ ounces per plant. When grown indoors, you can control humidity and reduce the likelihood of disease creeping in. AK-47’s flowering time is 7-9 weeks indoors, and it produces around 14 ounces per square meter. Final Thoughts on the Best Most Popular Hybrid Strains. As cannabis growers become more creative, we are witnessing the creation of some weird, wonderful and seriously strong hybrid cannabis strains. You enjoy the best of Indica and Sativa blends which means you can relax without being sleepy and benefit from pain relief without side effects. The strains outlined in this guide are a mixture of old and new versions. With the legalization of weed in so many states, plus Canada, breeders are creating hundreds of hybrids each year. Attention: Our information shows this business might be unlicensed. Text Orders To (760) Recreational and Medical.Best quality flowers at very affordable prices. DELIVERY IS FREE *** Other businesses nearby: Palm Desert Marijuana Delivery. As the current vaping 'crisis' rages on across the US, health officials believe that an Oregon man could be the first ever reported death from a marijuana vaping product bought at a licensed dispensary. California Turns Over a New Leaf as Legalization of Marijuana Takes Effect. With the new year ringing in there are people allover the world hoping to make changes in their lives for the better, California is also hoping to make a huge positive change as they legalize recreational marijuana and begin a new era towards safe an. Riverside County facing Medical Marijuana Dispensary Shut Downs. Riverside County is looking to sue any medical marijuana dispensaries who are still operating within their limits.After this round of shut down the numbers seem to be dwindling faster and faster due to the increased pressure from both federal and loc. Love the selection and I've never had to wait to be helped. Melissa is such a rude bitch and treats me 67 year old with such disrespect. The Difference Between Dank, Mids, and Reggie Weed. Consider for a moment the difference between a cheap bottle of wine from the local convenience store and a pricey selection from an upscale Italian restaurant’s reserve list. While both can be classified as wine, the grape quality, grow climate, and post-harvest techniques distinguish the finest varietals from wines of lesser quality. The same principles can be applied to cannabis quality, too. As medical and adult-use cannabis legalization continues to take root across North America, the difference between dank bud and ditch weed has never been more clear than it is today. Over the decades, people have used a variety of slang terms to classify weed. What is called reggie by some, may be seen as schawg to others.

While one person may be looking for dank, another may be asking for top-shelf. But in the end, they’re usually looking for the same thing — the best on the market. Weed quality classifications have changed over the years due to sweeping cannabis legalization, as the quality and potency of weed has increased compared with what was grown in the ’60s and ’70s. In other words, the type of weed quality is relative to what’s currently available on the market and the location of that market. What was once considered dank a decade ago would likely be relegated to mids today. Something that is considered to be mids in California could be coveted as top-shelf in a state where cannabis is illegal. To help you distinguish whether you’re smoking schwag or good weed , here’s a breakdown on how to identify the different types of weed and the factors that contribute to their classification.

(AKA Top Shelf weed , Loud weed , Chronic, Kind, Headies, Piff) Dank, fire, that good good. Whatever you wish to call it, this is the type of weed that you’ll find on the top shelves of dispensaries, a diverse cast of strains that vary in effects, flavors, and aromas. In legal states, top-shelf weed usually comes at a top-shelf price, as an eighth of dank can cost upwards of $60 on some adult-use markets. Ultimately, the price will vary on a number of factors, such as the dispensary location, cultivator, and product availability.


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