banana sherbet weed

All About Banana Sherbet Cannabis Strain

Banana Sherbet strain is extremely potent hybrid. It was created by crossing Sunset Sherbet and Banana Kush. The THC content has been measured to be 21%. The buds have a sweet fruity flavor with hints of citrus. Banana Sherbet has terpenes of pinene.

The smoke is smooth and mild and does not irritate the lungs. It has euphoric, relaxing and calming effects. This strain is loved by artist because of motivating and enhancing creativity. It’s used to treat conditions like ADD/ADHD, migraines and anxiety.

The ideal time to use this bud is in the evening or at night because it highly potent. Like many strains Banana Sherbet has side effects too, like dry mouth, nausea and dizzy. The flowering time is between 56-63 days and the plant is moderate to grow.

What is genetics of banana Banana Sherbet?

Banana Sherbet is presumed to be a combination between Banana Kush and Sunset Sherbet. With high percentages of THC, at around 21-26%, it is one of the strongest strains found on the market. CBD is present in decent amounts ranging from 0.3 to 1.2%.

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