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Once you have the lights up you need to get those fans on there. I had to get some metal cutters to make space for mine to fit, but here is where I placed mine. Hope this guide helped some of you out to build a simple PC Grow Box.

please let me know of any suggestions/mistakes I made in this guide. Mountaingoat's stealth PC grow box in less than 20 steps. Hello all fellow growers here is a small guide on how to build your very own stealh pc grow box. There are not too many pictures but check this thread 420 Magazine ® out for a more pictorial guide. - 1x PC fan medium sized (For passive air circulation) - 1x Can of clear white spray paint (Reflection) - 1x Can of clear coating spray paint (Seal and increase reflection) - 1x Co2 filter material (Remove smells) - 2x standard e27 light fixture with cords. - 2x pots for growing in about 2 liters (whatever fits inside and leaves grow space) - 2x Grow fixtures (this depending on how you want to grow scrog is highly suggested) - 2x LED full spectrum light bulbs. - 1x old phone charger (to power PC fan) - 1x roll of duct tape. - 1x Sand paper for inside of PC in order to make the paint stick (use a medium to fine level of sand paper) - 1x Rubbing alcohol (about 250 ml) - 1x Soil (so many options of soil so just get whatever is available preferably a soil with good draining (perlite) qualities many options available an example is the -->) How to build the box. Drill holes for the light fixtures in the roof of the PC. Seal up the PC with duct tape so that there is one space for the "PC fan" and half the size of air intake on the other side of the PC.

This is done in order to create a passive air flow throughout the PC. Hence there should be air flow holes on each side of the PC. Most PC´s already have this set-up so utilize this and just reduce the passive air intake with duct tape. Use the "sand paper" on the entire inside of the PC in order to make the paint stick. Clean the inside of the PC with "rubbing alcohol" and let it dry out. Spray paint entire inside of PC with the "clear white spray paint" and let it dry. Spray paint entire inside of PC with the "clear coating spray paint" and let it dry. Attach the "standard e27 light fixture with cords" to the roof of the PC and make sure to make the wiring is directed to the back of the PC through a hole (this to maintain the "stealthyness" of the PC). Screw in the "LED full spectrum light bulbs" (other lights such as normal CFL´s works too, the reason for the use of LED is the low heat output and energy efficiency. Also the reason for using full spectrum is the fact that there is no need to change bulbs when flowering the plants). Cut the wiring of the "phone charger" and connect it with the wiring of the "PC fan" usually black to black and red to red. If no colors are indicated on the wiring just do some trial and error to see which makes the fan spin. Add the "Co2 filter material" on the back of the "PC FAN" to remove smells. Connect the "PC fan" and the "standard e27 light fixture with cords" to the "multi socket plug". Place the "timer" at the end of the "multi socket plug" in order to be able to set light timers, search for light schedules a suggestion is the GLR (Gas Lantern Routine) light schedule. Place the "Grow fixtures" such as tomato cages into the pots. Plant the seeds about a thumb nail down into the soil, then cover it up. Here is an example of how it could look: CFL PC grow box with mylar used instead of paint as an reflective. Top 10 Strains to grow outdoors in colder climates. Unfortunately, the bright, sunny beaches and never-ending summers seen on your favorite TV shows are not a reality for most of us. Instead, many of us have to settle for mediocre temperatures and a more than volatile weather system. When the reality is a less than Mediterranean climate, what are your options when it comes to growing weed outdoors?

Cannabis can be a temperamental specimen, and despite all the goodness it brings to harvest, the cold can often have detrimental effects on bud potency and yield. No matter your experience level, there’s only so much you can do to control the weather.

Despite how bleak it may look, both in weather and your potential bud harvest, there are several strains that may help get you to harvest without sacrificing quality. The following varieties have been developed to fight back or thrive in the colder climates that many hobby cultivators experience. Here are 10 colder-weather strains to grow in 2018. A s the skies begin to clear and the temperatures begin to rise, many people are looking for fun and rewarding outdoor activities for the summer months.


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