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Alchimia presents here Terralba’s Azomite, volcanic rock powder used to improve the nutrients in the soil thanks to the 70 trace minerals contained. The name “Azomite” stands for “A to Z Of Minerals Including Trace Elements”.

Azomite is mainly composed of mineral complexes of silicon – hydrate sodium calcium aluminosilicates (HSCA) – produced 30 million years ago during a volcano eruption. The combination of sea water and the minerals coming from volcanic ashes has brought a perfect and balanced nutrient composition.

Growers worldwide report that Azomite greatly promotes root growth while increasing yields, also improving the plants resistance to stressing conditions like pests and diseases.

Being 100% organic, and free from additives and chemical treatments, Azomite is simply micronized volcanic rocks. Odour free and environmentally friendly.

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