auto white berry yields

Auto white berry yields

Sweet Beauty… Auto Whiteberry is as beautiful and just as deadly as our feminized version, the only difference is that her exotic buds come from a smaller plant and are set to an autoflower timer.

When we produced an autoflowering range, we chose some of our favourite Paradise varieties to replicate, and one of these was White Berry. We chose her because the original was the product of much time and effort, a new generation strain that combined the finest elements from classic ancestors. The result was close to the perfect model cannabis plant.

A sturdy plant, with buds that grow around her single cola and a tidy growth pattern, Auto Whiteberry displays the distinctive colors of the original. The buds come in dense, resin-coated chunks that are glowing with trichomes. This autoflower strain is a good option for either inside or outside grows.

For the indoor cultivator its size makes it a handy friend, especially in size restricted grow spaces. These plants reach a height of approximately 75cm, and while the yield may not be as high as some varieties, the quality of the product makes it the choice of the connoisseur looking for a more exotic experience. An estimated 63 days between planting the seed and harvest is a pretty good enticement for growers too.

Auto Whiteberry is equally well suited to outdoor cultivation, especially in gardens and greenhouses where camouflage is the name of the game. For growers concerned about the neighbors, one or two of these on a balcony wouldn’t pose a great security threat either. As an outside auto there are few plants that will perform so well and so quickly (65 days).

Once harvested, Auto Whiteberry brings with it the same complexity and versatility of effect that stood out in the original. The sophisticated genetic structure, a combination of high and stone, makes this a smoke that will carry you through the day and then carry you to bed at the end of the night.

A beautiful plant, trichome rich and resin heavy, that delivers a sativa head and indica body buzz alongside the taste of forbidden fruits.

Auto White Berry

Auto White Berry from Paradise Seeds is the fourth generation of Auto-flowering White Berry. He has been backcrossed until the most desired traits of the mother plant White Berry Original had more presence and dominance in the automatic version, getting in addition a most power and unforgettable taste of this marijuana strain.

Like this, Auto White Berry has inherited the qualities of the famous strain of Paradise Seeds: its fruity berry flavour,its pruple colors and the fast formation of a dense and resinous buds.

During the growing this plant will be compact, reaching a maximum height of 75 cm. The flowering starts early, in about 20 days from germination, with a total cycle of 9 weeks from seed germination to harvest.

The heavy buds are covered in a very aromatic resin of very relaxing effect, being similarly more forceful if the harvest is done with a majority of amber trichomes

Cool temperatures accentuate the colour of the plants. The Auto White Berry will have more pronounced tones if its grown outdoors when the the night temperatures goes lower than 18 º.

The taste and smell of Auto White Berry reminds to blueberries and red berries with a spicy aftertaste.

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