auto pounder

Auto Pounder

Auto Pounder is the yield king of autoflowering strains. Its massive harvests of over 600G/m2 are comparable to many photoperiod strains.


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  • Type Indica
  • Height 60cm-100cm
  • THC 15-18%
  • Harvest 70-80 days
  • Stone Deep Stone


Auto Pounder

Strain Details

  • Yield 450g-650g/m2
  • THC 15-18% THC
  • CBD Less than 1% CBD
  • Taste Even though this is one of our largest producers, it still tastes outstanding. Rich earthy flavours are in abundance. Slightly sharper when heated directly, this brings out the more citrus tang from the big bud genetics.
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    Auto Seeds are sold for collectible souvenir and genetic preservation purposes only. Please be aware that germination of these seeds is illegal in most countries. Auto Seeds accepts no responsibility for those who act in conflict with their national laws. All who purchase these seeds are responsible for their own actions. We advise you to check your own laws before purchase.

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    Auto Pounder is a cross of Auto #1, Sensi's original Big Bud and Power Plant. This strain is all about yield and harvesting frosty, dense buds.