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Calling All Cannabis Professionals!


Growers first and foremost, with over 30 years of commercial crop cultivation and cannabis experience. We are designers and manufacturers of irrigation systems that feed plants on demand, without feeding schedules and without the need for electricity, pumps or timers.



For the clone stage we offer the easy2Propagate. This is a 4’ x 2’ unit with an 8” deep dome. Clones are placed on a 1” deep layer of capillary matting made from coir and latex. The AQUAvalve fills the propagator tray to 3/4” and the matting wicks the water up to the clones, gently irrigating them from underneath. This means no more manual watering at the clone stage.


Our 6.6gal XL modules are ideal for keeping 6-12 month mothers.


Once the plants are potted up into 1/2gal pots (call it the pre-veg stage) they can be placed into flat bottomed trays, we offer 4×4 flat bottomed trays. An AQUAvalve and cover is placed in the tray with a layer of CocoMats and the valves are left on. Just as in the easy2Propagate the mats gently wick the moisture up to the 1/2gal pots. Once the plants are rooted in the 1/2gal pots, they can then be potted up into the final pot. When the plants are in 1/2gal pots, you would fit approximately 49 plants in a 4×4 tray.


Once the plants are in their final pots they can be placed directly in the 4×4 trays and should be hand watered for a period of around 10 – 14 days to ensure that there is a healthy amount of roots at the base of the pots. They are then ready to be irrigated from underneath by the AQUAvalve and could be moved straight into the final position in the flower room (if you’re running a short veg period) or vegged until they reach the desired size in the 4×4 trays with an AQUAvalve and cover.

We recommend that you incorporate racking into the cloning, pre-veg and veg stages. This will maximise your use of space. T5 or LED lighting can be utilised at these stages to reduce the amount of headroom required. This will enable you to supply more flowering areas from a veg area with a relatively small square footage.


We offer a range of 3 modules with 2.2gal, 3.9gal and 6.6gal pots. We also have a 5gal SmartPot option. These are single modules and can be spaced as required. We have recently developed a 4×4 tray system with 9 plant spaces irrigated by a single valve. This was designed for (and developed alongside) growers using movable racking or rolling tables. I have attached images and dimensions.

Greenhouse / large plants:

Large plastic or fabric pots can be placed into a 3’ or 4’ square tray and irrigated from underneath with an AQUAvalve. The addition of our new PlantSkirt offer unrivalled benefits for growers, including;

– the prevention of temperature fluctuations in the substrate and nutrient solution

– preventing evaporation of nutrient solution from the tray

– reflecting light back onto the plant

– removing the risk of algae growth

– preventing debris from entering tray

PlantSkirt will fit trays from 3’ to 4’ accommodating a pot with a max diameter of 28”.


Increased yields – as water and nutrient is constantly available, your plants feed when they want, and they’ll develop quicker and will yield more.

Reduced watering workload – simply fill the reservoir, add fertiliser (if required) and check your pH and ppm. The system takes care of the rest.

Increased savings – highly efficient irrigation technique means you can expect up to 50% savings in water and fertiliser usage.

Reduced maintenance – there are no pumps to check, no timers to operate, no feeding schedules to manage and no electrical parts to service.

Increased flexibility – our modular design can be adapted to suit your exact growing area, preferred plant spacing and choice of plant variety.

Reduced risk of disease – using our non-recirculating system drastically reduces the risk of disease transfer between plants.


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Calling All Cannabis Professionals! WHO ARE AUTOPOT? Growers first and foremost, with over 30 years of commercial crop cultivation and cannabis experience. We are designers and manufacturers