auto feminized

Auto feminized



THC Content

CBD Content

Flowering Time

  1. 5 weeks
  2. 6 weeks
  3. 7 weeks
  4. 8 weeks
  5. 9 weeks
  6. 10 weeks
  7. 11 weeks
  8. 12 weeks
  9. 13 weeks
  10. 14 weeks
  11. 15 weeks
  12. 16 weeks
  13. 17 weeks
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Medical Conditions

  2. Anorexia
  3. Anxiety
  4. Arthritis
  5. Cramps
  6. Depression
  7. Fatigue
  8. Fibromyalgia
  9. Hypertension
  10. Inflammation
  11. Insomnia
  12. Lack of Appetite
  13. Muscle Spasm
  14. Muscular Dystrophy
  15. Nausea
  16. Pain
  17. Stress
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Taste / Flavor

  1. Banana
  2. Berry
  3. Bitter
  4. Blue Cheese
  5. Blueberry
  6. Bubblegum
  7. Candy
  8. Caramel
  9. Cedar Wood
  10. Cheese
  11. Chemical
  12. Cherry
  13. Chocolate
  14. Citrus
  15. Coffee
  16. Cookies
  17. Cream
  18. Diesel
  19. Earthy
  20. Floral
  21. Flowery
  22. Fruity
  23. Fuel
  24. Grape
  25. Grapefruit
  26. Hash
  27. Haze
  28. Herbal
  29. Honey
  30. Kush
  31. Lavender
  32. Lemon
  33. Licourice
  34. Lime
  35. Mandarine
  36. Mango
  37. Mint
  38. Musky
  39. Nutty
  40. Oil
  41. Orange
  42. Peach
  43. Pear
  44. Pepper
  45. Petrol
  46. Pine
  47. Pineapple
  48. Pungent
  49. Sandalwood
  50. Skunk
  51. Sour
  52. Spicy
  53. Strawberry
  54. Sweet
  55. Tangerine
  56. Tangy
  57. Tropical
  58. Vanilla
  59. Woody
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  1. Clean
  2. Medium Strength
  3. Stimulant
  4. Active
  5. Anxious
  6. Aroused
  7. Body
  8. Calming
  9. Cerebral
  10. Couch lock
  11. Creative
  12. Energetic
  13. Euphoric
  14. Focused
  15. Giggly
  16. Happy
  17. Head
  18. Heavy Stoned
  19. Long lasting
  20. Meditative
  21. Motivating
  22. Narcotic
  23. Physical
  24. Powerful
  25. Psychedelic
  26. Relaxing
  27. Sedative
  28. Strong
  29. Talkative
  30. Tingly
  31. Uplifting
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Plant Height

Where to Grow

Cup Winner / Awards

Pack Size

  1. 1 Seed
  2. 3 Seeds
  3. 4 Seeds
  4. 5 Seeds
  5. 6 Seeds
  6. 7 Seeds
  7. 9 Seeds
  8. 10 Seeds
  9. 25 Seeds
  10. 72 Seeds
  11. 5000 Seeds
  12. 10000 Seeds
  13. 20000 Seeds
  14. 50000 Seeds
  15. 100000 Seeds
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Looking to buy cannabis seeds from Auto Feminized Seeds? Enter True North Seedbank and browse our range of Auto Feminized Seeds. Get free seeds with every order!

Autoflower Seeds

Looking for the best and most consistent autoflower seeds? Look no further, Dutch Passion are a leader in auto seeds and one of the original auto seed pioneers. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a quick and easy way to grow high quality cannabis. They grow from seed to harvest indoors under 20 hours of daily light. Autoflower seeds also grow easily outdoors too. Autoflower seeds make growing simple.

Active filters

Auto Banana Blaze®

Banana Blaze X Auto Mazar

Think Different

AK420 Autoflower

Auto Lemon Kix®

Las Vegas Lemon Skunk Autoflower

Auto Cinderella Jack®

(Cinderella 99 X Jack Herer) X Magnum

Auto Orange Bud®

Orange Bud X Auto Daiquiri Lime

Auto Mazar®

Mazar X Indica autoflower

Auto Power Plant®

Power Plant X Think Different

Auto Blackberry Kush®

Auto Blackberry Kush feminized

Auto Critical Orange Punch®

Orange Punch X Auto Kritical Bilbo

Auto Colorado Cookies®

Auto Blueberry X Girl Scout Cookie

Auto Ultimate®

The Ultimate X Auto Mazar

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush®

CBD Charlotte’s Angel X Auto Blackberry Kush

CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®

CBD Charlotte’s Angel X CBD Auto Compassion Lime

Auto Glueberry O.G.®

Glueberry O.G. X Auto Blueberry

Auto Blueberry®

Blueberry X Indica autoflower

Auto Xtreme®

Outlaw Amnesia (Amnesia x Super Haze)


StarRyder® grows like a compact Christmas tree, producing large resinous buds, growing to around 50cm tall and yielding 45 to 100 grams to the average grower.

Auto White Widow®

White Widow Autoflower

Premium Quality Autoflowering Genetics

Autoflower seeds have earned their reputation as one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow cannabis. Auto seeds are easy to grow indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors. Dutch Passion were one of the first seed companies to pioneer autoflowers.

The best autoflower seeds produce cannabis on the same quality levels as the best feminised photoperiod seeds. With premium quality autoflowering genetics and good grow room conditions you can exceed 20% THC levels. Indoors, autos are ready to harvest around 10-11 weeks after germination. Outdoors, they usually take a couple of weeks longer.

Autoflowering seeds come in a range of different types with varying properties. Dutch Passion have some top quality auto varieties and several cannabis cup winners which will deliver some of the best auto weed you will have ever tried. Choose from USA special genetics, Skunk auto seeds, Orange family autos, CBD rich, THC rich and many other types.

Auto Banana Blaze, our mind-numbingly potent, sweet, fruity variety.

What Are Autoflowering Seeds and Why Choose Them?

Autoflowering seeds look just like normal feminised photoperiod cannabis seeds. They produce top quality cannabis but grow in a slightly different life cycle compared to traditional photoperiod varieties. Indoor cultivators can grow autoflower seeds from seed to harvest under 20 hours of daily light. There is no need to reduce daily light hours to 12 hours in order to initiate flowering. When growing autoflower seeds, flowering happens automatically, hence the ‘auto’ name.

Autoflower seeds typically grow into short or medium height cannabis plants. Many people use them alongside their feminised seeds, these days autoflower seeds are just as popular as photoperiod feminised seeds. For outdoor autoflower growers the speed of autoflower seeds means that a mid/early summer harvest is possible, in fact 2-3 successive outdoor auto crops are possible in warm climates. For indoor growers, auto seeds allow a fast crop in just 10-11 weeks.

Flexibility! Autos Grow Easily in All Grow Environments

Autoflower seeds are easy to grow under a wide range of conditions and light cycles. Most people grow their autoflower plants under 20 hours of daily light. When they harvest one plant they can add another seed to their grow room and leave the plants under the same light cycle (20 hours of daily light) whether they are seedlings or approaching harvest. You can even put your auto plants in with your feminised plants and they will happily bloom under 12 hours of daily light. Auto seeds are flexible, adaptable and convenient.

Growers that have suffered from low grow room temperatures in winter when blooming feminised seeds often find that autos are a good alternative. That’s because autos grow under 20 hours of daily light, meaning that grow room temperatures can be maintained thanks to the heat produced from the light.

Simplicity! Auto Seeds Make Growing Weed Easy

Autoflowering seeds are simple to grow. You can put the seed directly in the final growing container (around 15 litres is typical) and leave it in the same container under the same light cycle for 11 weeks until harvest. All you need do is add water and nutrients when required. Many cannabis growers have achieved excellent quality results from their first grow when using autoflower seeds.

Speed! It’s The Fastest Way To Grow Cannabis

Autoflower seeds are the fastest way to grow cannabis. For indoor growers using 20 hours of daily light, it takes just 10-11 weeks until the first harvest. Occasional fast phenotypes will be available to harvest in under 10 weeks. One of the many reasons that people grow autoflowering seeds is the speed of harvest indoors. Outdoor growers also find that autoflowering seeds are faster than traditional photoperiod feminised seeds. Outdoor growers can harvest their auto plants in mid summer instead of waiting until fall/autumn.

Auto Blueberry, the connoisseur choice of autoflower cannabis seeds.

Buy Autoflowering Seeds From The UK and Worldwide

More cannabis growers than ever are finding auto seeds to be the fastest and easiest way to grow cannabis quickly. Autoflower seeds have been a game changer for the modern cannabis grower. You can expect delicious flavours and rich, deep aromas alongside heavy yields of top quality cannabis. If you haven’t tried Dutch Passion’s range of cannabis cup winning autoflower seeds yet, then don’t miss out! Whether your preference is THC rich or CBD rich, indica or sativa, indoor or outdoor we have the finest quality and fully proven autoflower seeds waiting for your order.

Top 5 Indoor Autoflower Seeds

Look no further if you want the best performing indoor autoflowering cannabis seeds. Dutch Passion have a fully proven range of auto seeds and thousands of repeat growers. Dutch Passion auto seeds have a reputation for industry leading results. Our auto seeds are famously easy to grow with heavy yields and seriously strong results.

Yield THC Family
Auto Lemon Kix® XXL ○○○○○
Auto Orange Bud® XL ○○○○○
Auto Cinderella Jack® XL ○○○○○
Auto Glueberry OG® XXL ○○○○○
Auto Ultimate® XXL ○○○○○
THC: ■ Low ■ Medium ■ High ■ Very High ■ Extremely High

Top 5 Outdoor Autoflower Seeds

The best outdoor autoflower seeds produce XL harvests of strong buds with good mold and pest resistance. Auto seeds often take longer to grow outdoors than indoors. Expect to wait around 100 days for your auto seeds to reach harvest point outdoors. Dutch Passion auto seeds have been delivering excellent results for outdoor growers for many years. With auto seeds you can now get several outdoor harvests each year.

Yield THC Family
Auto Mazar® XL ○○○○○
Auto Ultimate® XXL ○○○○○
Auto Daiquiri Lime® XXL ○○○○○
Auto Critical Orange Punch® XXL ○○○○○
Auto Duck® L ○○○○○
THC Levels: ■ Low ■ Medium ■ High ■ Very High ■ Extremely High

Top 5 THC-Rich Autoflower Seeds

Most people want the best THC-rich autoflower seeds for their next grow. This is perhaps Dutch Passion’s greatest area of strength, with several exceptionally strong autoflower varieties. THC levels of over 20% are quite possible from a well grown auto. If your goal is to grow auto seeds and harvest the strongest possible buds then you have come to the right seed bank. As well as extreme THC levels you will find Dutch Passion auto seeds easy to grow with heavy yields as standard.

Yield THC Family
Auto Cinderella Jack® XL ○○○○○
Auto Glueberry OG® XXL ○○○○○
Auto Colorado Cookies® XL ○○○○○
Auto Xtreme® XL ○○○○○
Auto Night Queen® XL ○○○○○
THC Levels: ■ Low ■ Medium ■ High ■ Very High ■ Extremely High

Top 5 Medical Autoflower Seeds

More people than ever are using auto seeds to grow their own medical marijuana. For some people that will mean THC rich autoflower seeds. For other growers that will mean CBD rich auto seeds. Dutch Passion stock a full collection of both, with varying levels of THC:CBD. Our medical auto seeds are easy to grow in a wide range of conditions, even if you are new to growing.

Yield THC Family
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush® XL ○○○○○
CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel® L ○○○○○
CBD Auto Compassion Lime® XXL ○○○○○
Auto Blueberry® M ○○○○○
Auto Euforia® XL ○○○○○
THC: ■ Low ■ Medium ■ High ■ Very High ■ Extremely High

Top 10 Tips For Growing Autoflower Seeds

Growing autoflower seeds really is the easiest way to grow cannabis. But that doesn’t mean compromising on quality! Some people only grow auto seeds and love the combination of speed, simplicity of growth and top quality buds. The following tips and advice may help you push your own auto growing up a level.

1. Choose the right autoflower seeds

It sounds obvious, but poor quality genetics guarantee poor quality results. Choose autoflowering seeds which have a solid genetic heritage and prioritise seed companies who have pioneered auto seed research and backed it up with cannabis cups.

2. Use 20 hours of daily light from seed to harvest

Auto seeds will grow under any light regime, but for optimum results we recommend 20 hours of daily light followed by 4 hours of darkness. Use this light cycle from seed to harvest for high quality results.

3. Use a light airy grow medium, or air permeable grow containers

Autos love an aerated root ball with plenty of oxygen able to reach around the sides. Growers that use felt grow sacks or air pot grow containers routinely get excellent results. Adding coco to your soil mix can help to increase aeration levels as well.

4. Avoid multiple re-potting of your auto plant

Autoflower seeds work on a finite life span, so it’s important to keep conditions as settled as possible so the auto can make full use of the 11 week growing time. Many people germinate the seeds and then place the seedling in the final growing container. This minimises further disruption to the plant. If you are pre-growing them in smaller pots we recommend a maximum time of 2.5 – 3 weeks before transplanting them to their final container or outdoor growing spot.

5. Avoid over watering and nutrient burn

This will slow down the development of any cannabis plant. But for autos, on a fixed time schedule (10-11 weeks) the damage can cause permanent stunting of growth from which there is no time to recover.

6. Don’t be afraid to train your plants

Use of low stress training, such as tying down branches to improve light penetration, can really improve yields for auto plants. Dutch Passion seeds are bred to be tough enough to cope with this. With good training and intense light levels the side branches can yield very heavily and may need supporting to prevent them collapsing under their own weight.

7. Never top an auto when it is in bloom

Some people like to top (remove the growing tip) their auto to produce a bushier, shorter plant. This is possible, but only recommended early in the grow before the plant is in flower.

8. Choose your outdoor grow location wisely

Autos are a dream for outdoor growers, they grow quickly and often stay short enough (around or below 1m tall) to hide. With a little careful planning it’s easy to find a few quiet locations where you can hide a few auto plants to grow during spring, summer and autumn.

9. Try leaving your auto an extra week or two

Most people grow their autos for 10-11 weeks before harvesting. But occasionally you will notice longer-blooming phenotypes which will require a little longer. These phenotypes are often the heaviest yielding ones. If you have the patience to wait a little longer you could find your auto rewards you a heavier harvest.

10. Consider LED lighting

Being able to cope with 20 hours of daily light in bloom is one of the greatest assets of autoflower genetics. Maximise the benefit by using a quality LED light. The optimised spectrum combined with reduced heat stress can allow the best auto genetics to thrive and produce exceptional yields and quality.

Buy the best autoflower seeds for the highest quality results. Dutch Passion autoflower seeds deliver fast, uncomplicated grows and reliable harvests.