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Having said that, this energizing effect is very much a short-lived temporary boost and the slump felt later in the day will bring you right back down in a hurry. The most common side effects of smoking Sour OG weed are dry mouth and, to a lesser extent, dry eyes. You will definitely want to keep a bottle of water nearby, as you will feel parched after smoking this strain. Some smokers of Sour OG have described feeling slightly more anxious, dizzy and even a little paranoid from smoking this potent strain.

Having said that, if you enjoy Sour OG responsibly and don’t overindulge, you shouldn’t experience any of these negative side effects. Sour OG has emerged from its parent strain’s shadows and become a hugely popular and quality strain in its own right. While it is a 50/50 hybrid, it isn’t as well-balanced a strain as other hybrids out there. Sour OG may not have the earth-shatteringly high THC levels of other strains, but it is potent and not recommended for the novice cannabis smoker. However, experienced recreational and medicinal cannabis smokers will enjoy Sour OG’s uplifting effects and its many health benefits. My column today is about the FDA's new gnarly cigarette warning labels, which are the norm in a few dozen countries and will be seen on cigarette packs here starting next year. Although there wasn't a place to put it in the column, I thought I'd share some of my favorite TV cigarette ads.

The old ones are incredibly jarring to us today, not just because we're not used to seeing people hawk smokes on TV, but also because it shows the way advertising has changed. Let's take this classic, "More doctors smoke Camels": It's kind of like a celebrity endorsement, but the relevant attribute of the endorser isn't fame, wealth, or attractiveness, it's authority. You can be like the man with the power to heal, the man everyone respects. And of course, if doctors smoke Camels, it must mean they're better for you. This was at a time when the danger of cigarettes was just starting to be understood. And here's legendary newsman Mike Wallace, explaining how Phillip Morris cigarettes not only prove America's rightful place as world hegemon, they also provide "a man's kind of mildness." How is that different from a woman's kind of mildness? Who knows: Eventually, advertisers began to understand that what they were selling was an image of what kind of person you are if you use their product. In this Salem ad, it's all about youthfulness, joy, and also getting laid (only implied, of course): Now that the new regulations are in place, 20 percent of the space on any print ad for cigarettes (and 50 percent of the pack itself) will have to be taken up with the FDA's photos of things like rotting teeth. Not quite as appetizing as that "air softened" Salem flavor, but it isn't easy being a smoker these days. Tobacco ads once dominated magazines, television, radio, movie theatres and billboards, now they are one of the most highly regulated forms of marketing and are all but extinct. The United States began imposing restrictions on tobacco ads in the late 1960s. Canada did not begin until 1988 when it passed the Tobacco Products Control Act. The tobacco industry immediately appealed the legislation and was successful. The act was found to be a violation of free speech under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It was not until 1995 that the act was reinstated by the Supreme Court. It meant the death of cigarettes in the media and the departure of the ever-present, ever-changing cigarette slogan. Before cigarette companies were fighting the federal government, they had to contend with each other. Brand loyalty was everything to a cigarette company and they had to win their customers over with one catchy sentence. Some slogans relied on sex to sell: Tipalet - “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere” Philip Morris – “More delicate in flavor too… for those with keen young tastes” Flying Dutchman – “Lead women around by the nose” Old Gold – “Ogled by octogenarians? Light an old gold” Ashton – “Pleasure beyond expectation” Winchester – “No woman ever says no to Winchester” Some appealed to a sense of luxury: du Maurier – “For people with a taste for something better” Pall Mall – “Design, brother, modern design is plenty important!” CigarLet – “A little pleasure you’ve got coming” Peter Stuyvesant – “The international passport to smoking pleasure” Some cigarettes personified masculinity: Lucky Strikes – “Nature in the raw is seldom mild” Camel – “Where a man belongs” Marlboro – “Where there’s a man… there’s a Marlboro” Others appealed to a female demographic: Virginia Slims – “You’ve come a long way, baby” Kool Milds – “Lady be cool” Eve – “The first truly feminine cigarette-almost as pretty as you are” Many companies emphasized celebrity patronage: Camels – “John Wayne… a camel fan for going on 24 years!” Chesterfield – “With the top stars of Hollywood Chesterfield is by far the favorite cigarette” Lucky Strike – “O.K. We thank you for your patronage” When the health risks of smoking became known, most companies took up an offensive tactic and claimed actual health benefits: Craven A – “For your throat’s sake” L & M – “Just what the doctor ordered” Camel – “For digestion’s sake” Viceroy – “As your dentist I would recommend Viceroy” Spud – “Got a cold—change to Spud” Kent – “No other cigarette approaches such a degree of health protection and taste satisfaction” Marlboro – “Ivory tips protect the lips” While other companies refused to take part in the health controversy: Old Gold – “We’re tobacco men… not medicine men.” Phillip Morris – “No curative power claimed, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Occasionally, slogans even claimed religious alignment: Mecca – “Where was Moses when the lights went out? Groping for a pack of Mecca.” The only place you can legally find cigarette ads now is in bars and magazines with a minimum 85% adult readership. Most cigarette packages even have their slogan obscured by pictures of mouth cancer and large bold text “Smoking Kills” Sweda Company Information. Sweda Company is a Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment company based at 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield, US founded in 2000. Ticker DMMY Revenue $1.00 Million Funding $1.00 Million Employees 100 (View all ) Founded 2000 Address 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield, None None US Phone (555) 555-5555 Category Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment, Batteries, Power Storage Equipment & Generators Web Rank 100 Keywords Lorem, Ipsum, dolor, sit, amet SIC 4911, 4931, 4939 NAICS 221113. Sweda Company uses 8 email formats, with Lorem ipsum. Sweda Company's Email Format Percentage Lorem ipsum.

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