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Gorilla Cookies price will vary depending on the state you buy it in. This strain likely gets its name from its parental lineage, being a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4. Gorilla Cookies is a cross between Thin Mint GSC and Gorilla Glue #4.

Gorilla Cookies smells lightly of mint mixed with damp earth. The taste of this strain is slightly minty with a hint of damp earth. Its small chunky buds are powdered in a layer of crystals and coral-red pistils amidst deep greens. This strain’s effects reputedly spread through the body within minutes of smoking or vaping. According to reviewers, it’s ideal for relaxation, dulling pain, or curbing inflammation. The sativa lineage has kept the body high from becoming too sedative, so many users say they remain alert and focused while under its effects. Gorilla Cookies is supposedly a good strain to keep handy if you need a boost for working, playing, or being social. Here you can find all info about Big Sur Holy Bud from Bodhi Seeds .

If you are searching for information about Big Sur Holy Bud from Bodhi Seeds, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database! Big Sur Holy Bud is a mostly sativa variety from Bodhi Seeds and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors . Bodhi Seeds' Big Sur Holy Bud is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds. These were a special gift to a well connected friend from an old grower in big sur, she gave them to me because she knew that i loved seeds, and would do them right. Can i 100% verify this is the original undiluted or unhybridized big sur holy weed line from perry the monk, no can do, but what i can say is this is unique, oldschool, mind ablaze green fire time capsule weed from the big sur mountains. Everybody that has tried this line has fallin in love with it. The plants do great indoors and out and can get quite big. It has genetically purple phenos, pink pistilled phenos, a less common sativa pheno, and loads of hybrid phenos, smells range from soggy bread to blueberry menthol, it seems to be a afghani mexican hybrid masterfully bred towards the sativa high and the indica frame. The true magic of this strain is the amazing sublime sativa high, a beautiful blast from the past. This seed run was an open pollination of 4 males and 6 females, not alot, but enough to get the job done. A small population open pollination in a tent means your going to mostly the beans made from the first two males that opened. This line is called big sur holy bud to differentiate it from the big sur holy weed lines by hhf, danbo, and reeferman. Everybody that has tried this line has fallin in love with it. Im really happy to gift this back to the community. Very limited, only 30 packs, then its up to you to make more! Big Sur Holy Weed is one of the legendary California strains, but not from the Emerald Triangle. Big Sur Holy Weed comes from the coastal area of California just south of San Francisco and Monterey, and north of SamLuis Obispo. Of course there is a back story to this strain just like with other legendary strains like Trainwreck or Chemdog. Supposedly there was a monk named Perry living in the Big Sur area back in the 70s who developed this strain. There are various versions of this story some involving a town called Gorda and an individual named Danbo. Just google “monk named Perry.” “now lets go to the book WEED by Jerry Kamstra 1974. if you read the book you will believe the author really knows what he is talking about. he was down there buying the mexican weed in Zacatecas and elsewhere in Mexico. “Zacatecas Purple is a variety of marijuana that grows in a particular high mountain valley in the state of Zacatecas. When cured the seeds from the colas have a distinctive purple hue.

in the late sixties a beatnik dealer planted a crop using some Zacatecas Purple seeds in the mountains of Big Sur . The resultant weed came to be known as Big Sur Holy Weed and holy it was too. “” “heres an article from marihuana monthly feb 1976 (see picture) about zihuatenejo purple a famous strain that did the rounds in the 70’s. maybe simmilar to the zacatecas purple that rellikbuzz dug up.

ive even heard the rumours of a band of buddhist monks that originally grew bshw near tasahara in the big sur mountains, giving it the name holy weed by the dealers of that time. ” There seems to be general agreement that Big Sur Holy Weed is an old Mexican strain called Zacatecas Purple, which may be now extinct, but some stories have it orginally crossed with an Afghan. At any rate all reports of the effects of Big Sur Holy Weed suggest that in effect it is mostly sativa, psychedelic and trippy. There are also reports that the TH Seeds hybrid called S.A.G.E.


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