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In their place was the feeling that I’d smoked a pure ass indica. It was like some sort of crazy weed switcheroo, and I went from feeling like I had extra energy to feeling like a giant, warm blanket was weighing my body down onto the couch. Given how strong this strain is, that switcheroo could be really good or really sketch, so it would be wise to start slowly – especially if you have plans that don’t involve your couch.

Luckily, I like warm blankets, and I didn’t feel like braving the swirling clouds of ash and smoke just outside my window from the 416 Fire, so I rolled with it. It made for a good, hazy Saturday (in so many ways), and by the time my neighbor wanted to venture outdoors a few hours later, I was feeling quite all right. So if you like weed that can do magic tricks, this one’s for you. Just be careful about that slight of hand, or you’ll end up superglued to your couch before you know it. The highly potent sativa strain Cinex, also known as Cin X, emits a sweet citrusy aroma with skunky undertones that bears a similar taste. When grown properly, its leaves are mostly white with the faintest hues of green. They’re covered in a generous layer of trichome crystals. The THC content of Cinex is an astounding 22%, with some crops reaping in at up to 26%. This strain can be consumed throughout the day, providing the consumer a boost of energy accompanied with increased creativity and focus.

Artists, musicians, and writers will truly enjoy this strain, as it makes creative hobbies more enjoyable and helps encourage fluid thinking and inspiration. Some reviewers have noted this strain will also alleviate many forms of pain and aches. Some reviewers have stated they’ve experienced slight bouts of paranoia and anxiety when consuming this strain, but they quickly dissipate once the mind has something to focus on. Growers should be aware that this strain was first produced using specific soil mixtures that include humic acid, bat guano, feather meal, and mycorrihzae. Cinex is only recommended for highly experienced growers. There are a handful of marijuana strains that are classified as ‘superstars,’ and Cinex certainly falls into that bracket. It is the child of legendary parents and is a fantastic smoke in its own right. It is a hybrid strain capable of helping you remain clear-headed during the day, and users often report a spike in creativity and energy. The Cinex strain is a coveted one, so keep reading to learn all about it and decide if it is next on your weed hit list. Cinex weed is a cross of Vortex and Cinderella and is a sativa-dominant (60%) hybrid. It hasn’t taken long for this strain to become a firm favorite in the medical marijuana community, and it has a taste that appeals to even the most discerning of palates. We believe it was created by Coastal Cannabis, a Washington breeder, which has created several Cannabis Cup winning strains. We are not 100% sure, because information on this strain is not easy to come by. Even the creator of Vortex, TGA Genetics, does not have any information about Cinex on its website. If you hold Cinex close to your nose, you will get the distinct scent of honey with an underlying smell of hay. Once you light a joint with this strain, you will get a skunky sweet scent with citrus hints. Once again, you get a citrus flavor along with a skunky sweet and sour taste with the merest hint of lemon. We recommend vaping Cinex at a fairly low temperature to get the best flavor profile. Its clear, powerful green hue is accompanied by orange hairs that adorn the sides. Rather than using Cinex seeds, you need to use clones to get the best out of this strain. It is classified as an ‘easy’ strain to grow at home, and it is best if you grow it indoors using a hydroponics setup, or in a greenhouse if you have enough space. The Sea of Green (SOG) method is one way to create a beautiful canopy.

You need to trim Cinex plants regularly, but it is easy to do so. When you grow it indoors, the flowering time of Cinex is between 7 and 9 weeks. You can expect a yield of approximately 19 ounces per each square meter you plant. Overall, Cinex thrives in daytime temperatures of between 65- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit, although it can survive in slightly colder temperatures. It is a fast-growing strain , and if you decide to cultivate it outdoors, it will be ready to harvest by the beginning of October.

When grown outside, Cinex’s yield is approximately 16 ounces per plant. In the first few weeks of the vegetative stage, feed with elevated levels of nitrogen to ensure the plants are strong and healthy before you force them into the flowering stage.


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