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When applied outdoors, low stress training techniques work by maximizing the amount of light that your plant will receive, and ensuring that each part of the plant receives equal levels of sunlight to promote healthy growth throughout. Without training, autoflowering plants often produce one main cola, whereas low stress training techniques will balance and amplify your canopy, creating additional colas and increasing the size of your buds. If your plants are healthy, you should plan to begin low stress training once they reach the vegetative stage, which, due to their rapid growth, can occur as soon as two weeks after you begin.

Once your plants are ready for training, begin by pulling the stems of the plant downward at a slight angle; this increases and promotes new upward growth, while ensuring that the bottom portions of the plant receive as much light as the rest of the plant. This training technique is highly effective for increasing your canopy, as the bottom portions of the plant otherwise receive limited sunlight, which limits your cola to the top of the plant while preventing growth elsewhere. But by training your plants in this way, you will promote the growth not only of your major cola, but also of additional, smaller colas elsewhere on the plant. These simple methods work in different ways to maximize your outdoor harvests. Some involve avoiding common mistakes that are often responsible for unsatisfactory yields, such as improper pH or nutrient levels – if you aren’t satisfied with your yields so far, these are essential factors to consider in achieving better results moving forward. Meanwhile, choosing a container and soil with optimal drainage is a method of optimizing growing conditions by providing your autoflowering cannabis plants with the environment in which they are known to thrive.

Low stress training techniques require a bit of practice and knowledge, but of all of these steps, this method of expanding light coverage for a full-bodied canopy is the most effective in increasing your yield outdoors. We also published " How To Grow Your Own Cannabis At Home " earlier. By following these steps, any grower can maximize their outdoor autoflower yield. SOG is beloved by those who enjoy cutting tools meant to thrive in adverse conditions and well designed tactical knives. It stands to reason, since the company itself has roots in the military. During the Vietnam war, a special ops team known as MACV-SOG executed several covert missions, during which they carried a unique combat knife into the jungle. That same knife inspired knife maker Spencer Frazer who, in 1986 created a commemorative knife to honor their blade, known as the SOG Bowie knife. That blade launched a whole line of products, many of which are still used by special forces soldiers, including the Navy SEALS. The tough, practical, no frills design that made SOG a household name has also earned them a reputation for making affordable blades from high quality materials that can stand up to the worst circumstances. Rarely will you see a SOG as a showpiece, since they prize function far above form. A company for the true workman or the hard-core survivalist who needs to know their gear is always going to work, we wanted to honor the unpretentious SOG tradition with the 7 best SOG knives for EDC. Pro: Full flat grind Con: Spring pivot causes some multi-directional blade play. OId Standby: Getting a Twitch II is an investment in the future. We’ve found that once you have it, it will sneak its way into your EDC rotation more than you might think. The drop point shape is versatile for most ordinary situations, the SOG assisted opening allows it to spring into action at a moment’s notice, and the tiny 2.65-inch blade can disappear anywhere. Metal liner plates in the anodized aluminum handle give it a little more heft than comparably sized knives, but add a sense of sturdiness that fits right in with the unrustable, unbreakable feel of the body. Pro: Sturdy despite its thinness Con: Handle is not reinforced. Small and Safe: Everything about the Aegis is built with security in mind. The Piston lock keeps it tight so you’ll never sacrifice skin or fingers to an accidental closing. The Digi-Grip enhanced nylon handle with glass reinforcement is heavy duty and makes the knife stick in your fist like maple syrup. With a 3-inch blade made of AUS-8 steel with a clip point tip, it’s functional and understated, but works well without adding flash where none needs to be. It stows so nicely in the recesses of your pocket that you’ll easily forget it’s there until you reach for it. Weighing only a couple of ounces, it’s as portable as they come. Pro: Opens very rapidly Con: Limited texture for gripping. Fast Acting: Aptly named, the Flash II is a quick action knife that’s light as gossamer and has a slightly assisted opening that allows it to come out quickly with just a little wrist action to handle your cutting needs.

The handle is Glass Reinforced Nylon (GNR) that’s comfortable, low weight, and slender so that it can disappear into your pocket when tucked away with the deep carry clip. The blade is AUS-8 steel that’s built to last and you can get it in any combination of blade styles, with a TiNi (Titanium Nitride) coating or a satin finish, plain or combination blades, and numerous handle designs to fit your personal style. The best part is the double safety lock to ensure it doesn’t accidentally jump out. Pro: Extremely easy to conceal with very deep pocket clip Con: Cutting groove tends to catch on clothing.

Purpose Driven: Made as a rescue knife, this is more than the blade you carry just in case, it’s the knife that is chosen by innumerable uniformed professionals for both its quick deployment and versatile construction. A groove in the handle turns the closed blade into a seatbelt cutter or cord slicer. When it’s opened, the clip point blade is all business, with a seriously menacing look that allows it to be used for field dressing a kill thanks to the jimping on the handle. The blade is AUS-8 steel with either TiNi or satin finishing, inside a GNR handle that gives you plenty to hold onto during serious work or moments of intense adrenaline. Pro: Smooth opening action Con: No built-in pocket clip.


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