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Alaska Morbloom highly acidic

As recommended, I got some Morbloom (0-10-10) for the flowering phase. I’ve watered a couple of times with the recommended dilution, 4 tablespoons/2 gallons, with no problems. This time, I checked the pH of the mix with my cheapo Chinese pH meter: 2.9! Measured the Morbloom itself at pH=2. A quick check of the meter: my tap water still measures 7. I diluted the mix with more water; came up with pH 6 and used that; the girls are drinking a lot, now that they’re into reproduction (and I thought it was just people that sex made thirsty). The plants look fine.

Sooo. is there some kind of weird buffering going on? Do the fish-based ingredients fool my meter? Haven’t done a cross-check with an old-school dye/chart pool kit to confirm.

you got 2.9. thats crazy! but on a cheapo meter

I appreciate that you checked your meter aginst tap water @ 7 but

i would re run the same test. see if you can get 2 again just to double check

(my opinon only)

Followup quasi-scientific data; readings with cheap-ass Chinese meter and General Hydrodynamics color chart/dye test:

Chinese pH meter
pH7 cal solution read 7.5
pH4 cal solution read 4.5
Tap water read 7.4
Morbloom straight read 3
Diluted at half recommended conc. read 4.5
General Hydroponics dye type pH kit w/color chart
Morbloom straight 4 or less
Morbloom diluted between 4 and 5

So, the readings are at least rational. I should tweak the cal adjust on the meter, but for now I’ll just apply “Kentucky windage,” knowing meter reads .5 high in the range I care about.

No apparent damage-the 2 original plants from seed look happy, and 2 fair sized clones I stuck in with them promptly shifted to bloom mode when put under the 12/12 schedule.

I’m having a good time, and I’m nowhere near being able to try the crop!

I tried to bring this up a few threads ago to no avail. Sometimes I think all some folks do is push products. Lol. These products get acidified when packaged to stop the fermintation process as I have recently found out. The grow formula is worse than the bloom I believe. I mix them accordingly and then half it. Let it sit for some time. You’re going to have to adjust the ph a little. There’s really no way around it. I’ve heard that using a bubbler over night may bring the ph back up some too. Lime is good to bring up the ph. I’ve been looking for a calcium carbonate substitute to use for raising ph. I have to dig a little deeper. FYI, mine dropped to 2.0 before I adjusted it. I believe these should be used as amendments and not straght up fertilizers. Just my thoughts.

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