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To evaporate the alcohol, turn on your heat source and if you can control the heat set it to a temperature higher than the boiling point of your solvent, while keeping the temperature below about 230°F/110°C. Some more expensive rice cookers allow you to set the temperature. Inexpensive models will have a set temperature somewhere a bit higher than the boiling point of water, 212°F/100°C.

When the alcohol reaches its boiling point, you will see bubbles start to form. After it starts boiling, the alcohol will begin to evaporate. As soon as it stops bubbling all the alcohol has evaporated. It took about 11 minutes for the 9 fluid ounces/266 ml of isopropyl alcohol needed to flush 14 grams of bud (2 batches of 7 grams) to evaporate. It should be collected while it is still warm and easy to work with. It can be consumed right away, or stored for later use. If you do and it gets too dry, the hash oil might solidify and be hard to collect. When this happens, you can add a bit more alcohol and dissolve the hash oil into it.

When it is fully dissolved, heat it again to evaporate the alcohol. One was 1/4 inch (0.635 cm) and the other was 1/2 inch (1.27 cm). First the 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) chisel was gently moved across the bottom of the container, where the oil accumulated on the tip of the chisel. Depending on the material the container is made out of, a metal chisel might scratch it. So something made out of glass, silicone, or another softer material that won't scratch the bottom of the container would be a better idea. To keep the oil warm and easy to work with, the container it is in can be put in a pot with warm water. The heat from the water will enable you to more easily amass the oil. When a worthwhile amount was gathered on the tip of the chisel, it was put in a silicone container for storage. This was repeated until almost all of the oil was collected. The storage container shown is made of silicone and holds about 5 grams of hash oil. If the hash oil is well sealed and stored in a cool dark area, like a fridge, it will retain most of its potency for 6-12 months. After collecting all the oil it was possible to get, there was still a bit of oil left in the bottom of the container it was evaporated in. To get the remaining oil out a small amount of alcohol was added to the container, and the hash oil was dissolved in it. When it had all dissolved and was mixed in the alcohol, it was poured into a storage container. With the top of the storage container left off, the alcohol was allowed to evaporate into the air over the course of several days, and just hash oil remained. Some people collect the hash oil in a plastic syringe while it is still a warm liquid. Alternately, the evaporation process can be stopped just before the alcohol has totally evaporated. The oil will still be in liquid form when it is easy to pour into the container it will be stored in. Leave the top off of the container until the alcohol evaporates. If there is too large a quantity of alcohol remaining in the oil it can take a few weeks to evaporate without heating. K) Pour plant material and alcohol into 2nd filter. M) If necessary repeat process with another 7 grams.

O) Put alcohol in rice cooker, double boiler, etcetera. T) If necessary, store hash oil in appropriate container. List Of Materials funnels strainers marijuana containers heat source coffee filters storage container well lit work area spoon or stirring rod 99% isopropyl alcohol glass scraper with clean blade.

Be very careful, alcohol can extract harmful chemicals from some types of plastic, and similar materials like rubber.


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