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You can expect a yield of approximately 19 ounces per each square meter you plant. Overall, Cinex thrives in daytime temperatures of between 65- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit, although it can survive in slightly colder temperatures. It is a fast-growing strain , and if you decide to cultivate it outdoors, it will be ready to harvest by the beginning of October. When grown outside, Cinex’s yield is approximately 16 ounces per plant.

In the first few weeks of the vegetative stage, feed with elevated levels of nitrogen to ensure the plants are strong and healthy before you force them into the flowering stage. Cinex is VERY strong with some tests recording a THC content of over 25%! Most dispensaries will sell Cinex strains with a THC level of around 23%. Please note that you will begin to feel the strong euphoric high within 3-4 minutes of use, so be prepared! We have heard of Cinex strains achieving a CBD content of up to 0.4%, but in general, it is below 0.1%. If you come across a strain with just 0.05% CBD and a THC content in excess of 22%, the THC to CBD ratio will be well over 400:1, which means you can expect Cinex to hit you fast – and early! Cinex has been heralded as a great ‘wake and bake’ strain because it boosts your focus , provides a burst of energy akin to what one might get from a cup of coffee, and enhances creativity. This is why Cinex is such a favorite of musicians and artists.

It is the ideal strain to use during the day because it enables you to operate with a clear mind, and ensures you are ready for anything. In many ways, Cinex is the ideal sativa because of the way it affects users, and the high can last for several hours. If you are feeling tired in the morning or sluggish in the afternoon, take a few tokes of Cinex and soon enough, you’ll be ready to get back to work. Cinex has a robust terpene profile which helps explain its many medical benefits. The main terpenes found in Cinex include Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Alpha-Pinene. Here is a little bit of information on what each terpene can do for you: Limonene: Believed to improve mood by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Beta-Caryophyllene: Could relieve stress, reduce inflammation, and tackle pain. Alpha-Pinene: Possibly helps improve your focus and take the edge off THC’s effects. While each terpene is potentially capable of causing specific effects, it isn’t quite as simple as that. First of all, there is the small matter of the ‘entourage effect’ which suggests that terpenes and cannabinoids work better together. Then there is the fact that terpenes and cannabinoids react differently depending on their combinations and the amount of each in any given marijuana strain. As it happens, the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in Cinex means it is used to treat a variety of mental disorders including PTSD and ADHD. It is also a favorite of patients with chronic stress, depression, and fatigue. Cinex is an extremely potent marijuana strain, so be wary when using it for the first time. Uncomfortable side effects include dry eyes and cottonmouth , and it may also lead to mild dehydration. If you are a nervous individual, using too much Cinex may increase your level of anxiety and perhaps cause paranoia. Users have also reported minor headaches, although that could be a symptom of dehydration. When a marijuana strain comes from famous parents, the bar is set extremely high. Fortunately, Cinex meets, and actually exceeds, expectations. It is a fantastic daytime or early evening strain and is a good option if you want a smoke before socializing. It should provide a boost in energy and creativity, and its citrus taste is very refreshing. Even if you are an experienced user, we would advise you to go easy on Cinex the first time you use it. It is very potent and could cause a few unpleasant side effects if you overdo it.

Eating These 5 Foods Will Enhance Your High The Next Time You Smoke Weed. Smoking weedВ onВ 420 is something we can all salute, but eating foods that will actuallyВ enhance your high is what truly makes you a next-level human being. Yes, there is actually food out there that, when paired with your stoned ass, will make you further feel the effects of THC. Have you ever been munching on something and felt like you were actually getting higher fromВ it?

Well, that euphoric feeling of food tasting absolutely amazing and making you more confusedВ is actually science . If you're the type of person who lives a resort lifestyle and likes to enhance every moment you have given the opportunity, then put down the Hot Cheetos and give these foods a try the next time you light one up. Sweet potatoes are proven to help put people better moods,В thanks to vitamin E and B vitamins that increase the serotonin production in the brain. If you're one of those people who always thinks about depressing sh*t when they'reВ high, like the one whoВ got away or taxes, then sweet potatoes are for you!


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