710 marijuana

710 marijuana

710 is the recognized holiday for smoking potent cannibis oil products.
Just like “ 420

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Often too much dabbing can cause paranoia. If you over-consume, consider taking some CBD oil orally to help gentlly bring you down.

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Wondering what 720 7/20 means? Click here to find out what the special holiday is all about and what it means for the marijuana cannabis community.

Leafly’s guide to 710 OIL Day

Welcome to OIL Day 2020. “Celebrating” this year looks and feels a lot different, but cannabis oils and concentrates are always magical and 2020 is a great year to fully embrace them. Curious what we’re talking about?

Concentrates, also called oils or extracts, is an umbrella term for a beloved form of cannabis that offers an experience you can’t get from flower alone. A concentrate, oil, or extract is any product made when cannabis flower is processed down into cannabis oil, removing all parts of the plant except essential oils and cannabinoids.

July 10th aka OIL Day has been around for a number of years and is associated with cannabis concentrates simply because when you flip the date 7/10 upside down, it spells oil.

Read on. Shop on. Dab on.

Slabs, wax, rosin. Extracts, vapes, tinctures. THC, CBD. This Oil Day, we’ve got an around-the-world assortment of deals on dabs. Order for pickup (or delivery, where it’s legal).

Wondering what OIL Day even is? Read up!

Calling all nectar collectors and dab newbs! We’ve got the ultimate round-up of 710 OIL Day content for all your burning questions.

The basics:

  • Embrace extracts! 710 is way bigger than THC wax dabs
  • Celebrate 710 with 12 days of dabs, wax, and hash
  • Leafly’s ultimate dab glossary and FAQ roundup
  • How to dab cannabis concentrates
  • How dabbable is your cannabis concentrate?
  • Best temperatures for dabbing cannabis concentrates
  • A visual guide to taking the perfect dab
  • What are the benefits of cannabis dabs?


  • America’s most affordable THC wax, oil, and hash of 2020
  • Cannabis oil distillate concentrate: pure THC
  • What is rosin?
  • How to make homemade rosin dabs
  • Who is Rick Simpson and what is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?


  • How to pick the best dab rig for you
  • Choosing the right dab tool

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Shop THC oils and concentrates

Find cartridges for your vaporizer, wax for your dab rig, and all of the THC oil goodness in between. Find dispensaries near you and order for pickup (or delivery, where it’s legal).

Whatever your questions about 420, Leafly has the answers. Find out what cannabis strains to smoke, where to get the best deals on marijuana and accessories. and how to celebrate cannabis every year. ]]>