5 gallon garden pot

Premium Nursery Pot 5 Gallon (5 per pack)

Arrives by Fri, Nov 13

Product Highlights

  • These injection-molded nursery containers have heavy-duty wrap-around rims that are easy to handle and strong enough to pick up heavy plant material
  • Superior drainage is engineered into both side and bottom drain designs
  • Squat Containers offer a wide base, which is ideal for shallow rooted plants and produces a better root ball

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The planters arrived in a timely manner and not damaged. I would order again if I needed them Thank you, Walmart

5 gallon planters

Durable materials. They are smaller and taller than I thought. Wish they were wider. Came on time.

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DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Planter Boxes – An Incredible New Way To Grow!

I don’t think we’ve ever been more excited to release a Gardening / DIY project than we are with today’s 5 Gallon Bucket Planter Boxes. Especially knowing it all stemmed from a reader’s suggestion!

The planter boxes really are an amazing solution for so many problems gardeners face. As you will see in the video below, they have so many uses.

The 5 gallon bucket planter boxes are attractive, inexpensive to build, and easy to grow with!

Even more, they are an incredible way for folks who have trouble gardening because of space or mobility issues to once again grow vegetables and flowers.

And, with their attractive look, ease of use, durability, and low cost to build – they are perfect for anyone to grow more flowers and vegetables. Whether it be on porches. On patios. Or anywhere you want!

DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Planter Boxes

We have always loved growing in 5 gallon buckets. Not only are buckets inexpensive and readily available, they provide enough depth for plants to develop deep roots. (See : How To Grow In 5 Gallon Buckets)

For us, it is a simple way to grow extra flowers, veggies and herbs all over our little farm.

A few years back, to dress the buckets up, we came up with a homemade DIY cover. Made from 2×4’s, it fit over the buckets on the ground and really gave them an attractive look. Even more, it provided a way to add supports for trellising vegetable plants.

But thanks to a reader, the bucket planters have taken on a new higher life!

A New Twist – Creating Raised 5 Gallon Bucket Planter Boxes

Last year, after reading about our 5 gallon bucket planter covers, a reader wrote to ask if we could create a version that could be raised off the ground.

She had always loved to garden, and simply couldn’t anymore due to declining health and mobility issues. The reader had thought about having large raised beds built, but thought it would be too expensive and take up too much soil.

She wrote that if she could have a few buckets raised off the ground, it would let her still be able to tend to a few plants. It was an idea that we fell in love with instantly!

DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Planter Boxes

We went to work to see what we could create, and as you can see in the video below, we are so happy with how they turned out!

For starters, the added height really gives these planter boxes a stylish look. And, of course, it makes it easy for anyone to care for and maintain.

Instead of creating a single bucket stand, we created both double and quad 5 gallon bucket planter boxes. This way, a gardener can grow multiple plants at once. It also makes it easy to build a few units to have an entire “raised-bed” garden in buckets. (See : 5 Gallon Bucket Step By Step Plans)

And that is an extremely important note. Because, unlike expensive raised beds, these planter boxes can be created from inexpensive but durable 2 x 4’s. And instead of having to fill massive boxes with soil, you simply fill buckets.

Buckets which are both easy to maneuver and lift. Even better, at the end of the year, unlike the soil in raised beds, they can simply be dumped into the compost bin to recharge.

A much better option than raised bed soil that can be hard to keep fresh, healthy and energized.

Building The 5 Gallon Bucket Planter Boxes

The bucket planters truly are inexpensive and easy to build, and will stand up to years and years of use. It takes just (8) 2 x 4 x 8’s to build the quad bucket planter, and just (6) for the dual planter.

And since the wood never touches the soil – they can be built from treated lumber, cedar or traditional lumber that can be painted or stained. We used shiplap to cover our 2 x4 frame, but you could easily use corrugated metal or wood siding to make them look great.

The cuts and assembly are easy to do with basic tools and woodworking skills. As for time, it took just a few hours to build, and should last a lifetime.

We do have the entire step by step plans up now on our Instant Download Esty Plans Shop, and have included both sizes with one plan. (See : Step By Step 5 Gallon Bucket Plans) – It has definitely become one of our favorite all time projects for sure!

Our new DIY 5 gallon bucket planter boxes are a great solution to so many problems gardeners face – young and old. And they are oh so easy to build! ]]>