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Best 420 Microscopes for Indoor Plants for Sale 2020

Feb 27 · 3 min read

There are different types of marijuana growers. Some are only casual or recreational, trying their hand in cultivation. Others are more serious. They do it not only as a hobby but also as a business. If you belong to the latter, you will need to have the best 420 microscope. A weed microscope is a valuable tool when it comes to analyzing the quality of the buds.

The right microscope can be handy in ways more than one, such as in terms of assessing the impurities that are also present and in determining the potency of the marijuana. These benefits, however, can only be realized if you pick the right product, which is exactly why we have written this quick guide — to help you become a well-informed buyer.

Why do you Need a Marijuana Microscope?
I’ve touched on it a little bit so far, but there are three ways to pick your harvest time:

  • Ratio of dark to white pistils
  • Time
  • Cloudy trichome vs amber trichome ratio

The best and most fool-proof by far is by gauging the color of the trichomes. Trichomes are where all the magic happens in cannabis.

If you are using a regular microscope, it is the lenses that will provide you with good image quality, so make sure that the item in question features high quality lenses.

If you are using a digital microscope, you want to ensure that it has a good camera with great resolution, and that whatever display you are using can match that quality.

Great magnification capability is not going to mean much if the end result is grainy.

Here we have a very small and portable pocket microscope that is great for viewing cannabis trichomes. We do like this one because it is so small and can fit right into your pocket, so you can easily take it from one plant to the next and look at the trichomes of each plant in quick succession.

The fact of the matter is that this thing is very convenient if you have to look at a lot of plants and don’t want to deal with a larger, stationary, or digital microscope, plus to use the Carson MicroBrite, you do not have to take the buds of marijuana off the plant, which is pretty nifty too.

It does have two different magnification levels ranging from 60X to 120X and comes with a really bright led light as well.

Batteries Included. The loop can be used to take a quick look at your marijuana plants without going to much in depth.

There are different types of marijuana growers. Some are only casual or recreational, trying their hand in cultivation. Others are more serious. They do it not only as a hobby but also as a business…

National 420-430PLL-20 Stereo Zoom Microscope

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National 420-430PLL-20 Overview

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Optical Performance
  • 3 Use and Handling
  • 4 Specimen Stage and Illumination

Designed to accommodate large and small specimens, the National Optical 420-430PLL-20 Stereo Zoom Microscope makes it easy and comfortable for groups of people to share the view through the eyepieces.

Using a binocular head lets you view with both eyes open, which is not only more comfortable, but preserves true 3D stereoscopic vision with a rich depth of view. The two eyepieces are set a comfortable 45° angle, and it rotates in a full 360° circle so people standing or sitting at a table or desk can all enjoy the view without having to have everyone move to the eyepieces. Optically the microscope is outfitted with two 20x power eyepieces that, when combined with the zoom objective, provide magnifications from 20x to 80x with a stepless zoom mechanism that enables precise power selection anywhere between the minimum and maximum. Each eyepiece has its own diopter adjustment to compensate for individual eye strength and the eyepiece’s interpupillary adjustment range makes it easy for all users to place their distance exactly where they need it. Finally, the eyepieces come with winged eyecups that block peripheral light; contrast and clarity are enhanced, especially in bright classroom or showroom settings.

The viewing head can be raised and lowered relative to the base for viewing flat or chunky specimens. The stage is integrated into the base to make viewing larger specimens like rocks, gems, textiles, and circuit boards easier. Upper and lower LED illuminators light the stage and independent power control allows you to have just the upper LED on, just the lower, or both. The upper LED also has its own rheostat dimmer to provide the right amount of light. Two stage plates are included: a frosted glass that passes light without the harsh glare, and a reversible white/black contrast plate that provides a stark difference between your specimen and background to enhance the view.

Buy National 420-430PLL-20 Stereo Zoom Microscope featuring Dual 20x Eyepieces with Winged Eyecups, Angled Eyepieces with 360° Rotation, 20-80x Zoom Magnification Range, Adjustable Height for Larger Specimens, Achromatic Lens Configuration, Dual Coarse Focusing Knobs, Upper and Lower LED Stage Illumination, Upper, Bottom, or Dual Illumination, Black/White Contrast & Frosted Plates, 3-Prong Grounded US Outlet Plug. Review National null ]]>