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Once the jack receives power, press the control button to lift or lower the jack. The only thing it won’t do is change the tire for you. The ROGTZ comes in a handy carrying case to neatly store all its parts. It can lift up to 6,000 pounds and 16 inches off the ground, making it suitable for SUVs and trucks. Because it’s manufactured outside the US, the instructions use the metric system and can be confusing.

It can be hard to lift sports cars or luxury sedans because they’re so low to the ground. The Pro-Lift 767 is designed to lift cars 14 inches even if they have a low clearance . The Pro-Lift is a floor jack, so it’s best for garages and paved surfaces. It’s made of heavy-duty steel , includes a lever for lifting, and has a safety valve to prevent overloading the jack. Its weight capacity is 4,000 pounds —enough to cover sedans, small trucks, and SUVs. It takes up a lot of space in your trunk and weighs 30 pounds, so it might be hard to move to the ground. Narrow design for low-profile vehicles Safety valve for overload protection Easy-lift lever. Because not everyone drives a small sedan or SUV, these are our recommendations for heavier vehicles and adventurous drivers . If you love your big rig, make sure you have a jack as strong as your vehicle. There are nine Torin Hydraulic bottle jacks to choose from, each with a different weight capacity.

Whether your vehicle weighs two tons or 50 tons, these portable jacks are reliable and affordable. We focused on the six-ton jack because it covers most passenger vehicles, even those with trailers on them. This Torin bottle jack is small enough to fit in your truck, toolbox, or under the seat without rearranging anything. That said, bottle jacks like this one require hydraulic oil to work and aren’t the best choice for emergencies unless you’re experienced with vehicle maintenance. Bottle jacks also aren’t the best for uneven surfaces, so it’s smart to get jack stands for extra support . Jeep drivers and off-roaders know how important a jack is in a bad situation. Whether you’re stuck on a rock or stuck with a flat tire, this Powerbuilt All-in-One bottle jack is small enough to fit with the rest of your gear. Even if you aren’t off-roading, being prepared for all types of weather and terrain is essential for vehicle safety. This Powerbuilt jack can lift 6,000 pounds 17 inches off the ground (21 inches, if you raise it manually first), but it’s best for specialty vehicles. Specially designed for Jeeps and off-roading vehicles , it has an extra-wide base for better support on uneven ground. It also has a safety valve to prevent slipping while you’re working on your rig. The Best Car Jacks (Review & Buying Guide) in 2020. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. A car jack is a key piece of kit in the armoury of any well-equipped at-home car mechanic. For one thing, you need it so you can get complete access to all parts of your vehicle. Tire replacement, for example, or any kind of work to the undercarriage or suspension is going to be more difficult – or even impossible – without a good Jack. At the same time, this is a piece of equipment that you need to have complete faith in. Lifting a car can be a dangerous undertaking – you are in control of lifting tons of metal into the air. Therefore you need to use a tool that you can trust implicitly. To help you find it, here is our rundown of some of the best car jacks on the market. This Jack does exactly what it says on the box – it is big and it is red! Straight out the box, this has a hefty feel, and is clearly well constructed – this is a tool you can put your trust in. Which is good to know, because it is rated to lift a considerable weight.

The extra long neck makes lifting larger vehicles easy too – we managed to raise a Ford Explorer with no problem. For a small car, a Jack of this size and capacity could feel like overkill – however with it’s high lift capacity, it will certainly provide a real sense of security with smaller lift weights. This Jack is proof that good things can come in small packages. When fully collapsed, it measures around 5 inches high, 5 inches wide and 18 inches long. That is pretty small, and makes it very much suitable to carry in your vehicle for emergency tire changes. The problem with scissor style Jacks is that they often suffer from stability issues. Happily, that is not a concern you need with this model. It has a lovely big footprint that gives a very stable base.

Combine that with a lifting capacity of 1.5 tons, and you have a highly capable piece of equipment in a very neat little package. If you have a truck or SUV sized vehicle then most will happily get right underneath for easy lifting. However, if you have a car with low ground clearance then you may already know the futility of trying to get a full sized hydraulic Jack underneath.


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