4 week old cannabis plant

The tropical essence of this strain delivers an organoleptic delight every time. Growers Choice - Banana Sherbet: Super Strong, Super Delicious. The master breeders at Growers Choice simply couldn’t resist the craving to mix Banana with Sunset Sherbet, creating the delightful Banana Sherbet. This 70% indica-dominant strain is highly potent and very solid in the grow-op. Her name might be sweet, but her THC levels are formidable at 23–26%, which is very high in comparison to most strains on the EU market.

The deliciously sweet nature of Banana Sherbet is evident after a single toke. The strain gushes flavours of tropical fruit that will make you feel as though you’ve been transported to paradise. The effects of this strain are both physical and cerebral, but a heavy couchlock is to be expected. Enjoy the sweet narcosis of a strain that’s practically begging to be used by the ocean. Banana Sherbet is a robust, medium-sized plant that provides hefty indoor yields of 600–750g/m². Buds will be large, dense, and drenched in syrupy resin.

This is a high-yielding strain, especially considering how potent the buds are. Furthermore, the indoor flowering period lasts for only 8–9 weeks. Outdoor growers will harvest plants around the beginning of October. Banana Sherbet Strain (2020 Full Review) Banana Sherbet is often confused with its similarly-named offspring, the Sour Banana Sherbet strain. This forerunner to Sour Banana Sherbet is a frontrunner when it comes to top-quality hybrid strains. Banana Sherbet’s sweet and fruity aroma and flavor may lull you into a false sense of security, but make no mistake about it – this one packs a potent punch, particularly if you overindulge. Banana Sherbet is an extremely potent and indica-dominant hybrid strain (70:30). It is believed to be a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Banana Kush. While Banana Sherbet’s name might suggest a strain that is all sweetness and light, the opposite is the case. This hard-hitting and powerful strain typically contains a THC content of between 23-26%, making it one of the most potent strains out there. Banana Sherbet’s potency makes it unsuitable for a novice smoker. Even experienced cannabis consumers will have to tread lightly with this one. If you overindulge, then you will find yourself glued to the couch. It is advisable only to consume a little Banana Sherbet to see how you tolerate this strain’s effects. If you are sensible and enjoy Banana Sherbet in moderation, however, you will love its physical and cerebral effects. To begin with, Banana Sherbet’s initial high is uplifting and enjoyable. It is a clear-headed high, but it also causes you to think more abstractly and creatively. For this reason, Banana Sherbet has become a firm favorite among artists and creative types looking for a little inspiration. Banana Sherbet’s indica effects tend to come more to the fore after the initial high starts to fade. A feeling of deep relaxation and mellow calmness characterizes the latter stages of Banana Sherbet’s effects. The nature of Banana Sherbet’s effects make it much more suited to evening rather than daytime use. The deep feeling of relaxation tends to lead to heaviness and sleepiness later on. Before long, you will find your eyelids starting to close as you lay back completely relaxed. A long and restful night’s sleep is pretty much guaranteed with this strain.

With a name like Banana Sherbet, it won’t come as a surprise to you that this strain has a fruity banana essence fragrance. This strain has also inherited the sweet-smelling aromas of its parent strain, Sunset Sherbet. The Banana Sherbet strain packs in all of the effervescent goodness of sherbet we all remember from our childhoods.

Deliciously sweet and fruity flavors dominate and delight the taste buds, making this one a taste sensation. You can also pick up some citrusy and creamier notes, too. Banana Sherbet’s smoke is smooth and mild, so you shouldn’t experience fits of coughing with this strain. A mature Banana Sherbet plant is classified as being medium in size. It has a heavy coating of sticky, resinous trichomes, which gives it a frosted appearance.


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