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They are normally sophisticated with built-in exhaust fan, intake system, and grow light. This type of boxes supply your plant life with a nutrient-rich solution and they do also have odor control filters. In fact, some high-end designs are incorporated with air conditioning and CO2. One of the most important consideration when shopping for hydroponic boxes is the hydroponic system itself where all the magic happens.

The superiority of this system may differ from one manufacturer to another. However, the principles of operation are almost similar. There are unique forms of hydroponic grow boxes referred to as Aquaponics systems. Both systems use some sort of medium other than soil to hold plant life. For example, Aquaponics boxes use an inert rock or marble-size clay balls. Both pump nutrient-rich water to the plants and both let you harvest produce in a remarkably short duration of time. As a soil substitute, expanded clay based media is used in both Aquaponics and hydroponic systems. Other grow media may include perlite, rock wool, coco fiber, super-heated shale, and stone made of fired glass. This is probably the most important consideration as far as hydroponic boxes are concerned.

There are 6 popular infusion methods you will come across: Aeroponics. With this method, the roots of your plant do normally hang in little or no medium. Nutrients are constantly misted into the plants via the hanging roots. This is a popular method for growing green vegetables. Plants are reinforced by baskets positioned into Styrofoam sheets, which float on a nutrient-rich solution. In this method, your plants sit on top of an inverted V-shaped channel, which is sealed on all sides into a box-like tunnel. A film of nutrient solution passes through the box-like tunnel along the bottom. This system is fitted with a timed pump that on a regular basis flood as well as drains the growing table. The flooding ensures the roots are fed properly with nutrients; while the draining ensures there is sufficient oxygen supply. This is a simple hydroponic technique that uses drip irrigation to convey nutrient-rich water to plants grown in a box. This technique uses wicks to pull nutrients from a reservoir and into a sterile medium through which the plants absorb nutrients. If you have a tight budget or you are not a big fan of technology, you can avoid hydroponic boxes and settle for soil-based models. One of the biggest challenges that you will encounter when shopping for soil-based boxes is choosing the ideal potting soil. While most potting soils are containerized planting friendly, not all of them will offer superb performance with growing boxes. Before you settle for a particular potting soil mix, spend some time reading labels. Look first for a sign that the soil mix was formulated for a specific purpose. For example, lighter, finer-textured soil mixes are best for use in seed germination; while soil mixes containing a high level of pine bark or coarse sand are best for potted shrubs and trees. Most soil-based marijuana grow boxes are made of either wood or polymer, but the most popular designs on the market are made of UV protected polymer. Apart from the material, you should consider the capacity of the box with respect to what you are planning to grow. You should not settle for a capacity that is lower than 1½ cubic feet. Also, the box should have a soil capacity of at least 40 liters, and water capacity of at least 4 gallons. In addition, ensure that the box is capable of adding the correct amount of fertilizer and water.

We also emphasis on a box that requires less watering. Plants need light for photosynthesis, and the hydroponic or soil-based marijuana grow boxes are no exception. When growing plants in either of the two systems, you will have to choose your lighting system carefully to ensure that your plants will thrive, especially when dealing with soil-based systems.

If you choose to buy a soil-based grow box and place it indoors, you will have to buy a grow light that offers adequate illumination with respect to the box size.


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