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I managed to average 170 g/m^2 which is significantly below my garden's regular average of around 750 g/m^2. I did not get this strain tested for potency because I will not be growing it again. Waste of time and money ONE ADVICE - never buy new strains expecialy from barneys ZÉ DA BÓIA. A good strain overall, with good yield and a nice high.

Barney's Farm presents Cookies Kush , a 100% Indica cannabis hybrid created by crossing the Girl Scout Cookies clone , resinous and with a powerful effect, with Rolex Kush , an OG Kush variety with very compact and tasty flowers. Get this genetics with superior organoleptic and psychoactive properties now in Alchimia on feminized seed form. Cookies Kush is characterized by its high vigor and strong structure, inherited form its Indica genetic legacy, also expressed in the density of its buds and compact growth, as it usually reaches up to 50-100cm m in indoor cannabis grow rooms . It needs 50-60 days of flowering before getting ripe, yielding up to 600gr/m2 in good growing conditions. Its buds show few leaves and big calyxes, making the trimming work easier. The smell and taste of Cookies Kush are typical of the OG family, floral , sweet and spicy , for a dense and tenacious smoke. Thanks to its high concentration of THC and CBD , its effect is intense, mind and body relaxing .

Cookies Kush won the first prize of Coffeeshop Flowers category at the 2014 Amsterdam's Hightimes Cannabis Cup. Pinkman Goo Cannabis Strain [Review] The ultra sticky Pinkman Goo marijuana strain will leave you in awe… This strain’s name comes from its ultra-sticky appearance. It consists of resinous droplets of dew on the sugar leaves of the sometimes pink buds. Many who get the opportunity to lay their eyes on this heavenly delight are completely in awe after witnessing just how intense the crystalline droplets are. They could also raise the strain’s overall THC content by at least 4%. The Southern California company CaliCropDoc developed this stunning cannabis very recently (in 2017). It has since left a multitude of both cannabis breeders and marijuana consumers in awe. The primary characteristic of Pinkman Goo that is probably the most incredible, is its tree-like ability to ooze sap from between its leaves’ margins and from the bottom of the calyxes. This phenomenon is actually quite a rarity amongst cannabis crops. Therefore, the fact that there is now a stable Pinkman Goo strain on the market is revolutionary. Keep reading to discover more about the outlandish yet incredible Pinkman Goo marijuana strain in our complete review… What Is Pinkman Goo?: Understanding where this strain originated from is no easy task. Pinkman Goo could be the result of crossing Granddaddy Purple , Grape Ape and Northern Lights #5 . However, the story of how PG was discovered in the first place is kind of funny. The creator of this stable strain, Twompson Praeter got his hands on this seedstock when his sister discovered it in an Altoid container behind a stove (the siblings grew up in a household of generations of prior purple thumbs). This may sound strange, but this odd happening is what has left us with Pinkman Goo today. This indica is amazing at relaxing and unwinding its consumers. It is also suitable for numerous medical benefits, some of which we may not completely understand yet. Ranking in at around 18% THC, this indica dominant strain is not only potent but is also a unique cultivation experience. Being a newer strain on the market, only available since 2017, Pinkman Goo is an especially collaborative experience. Its creator, CaliCropDoc, is happy to assist and advise those giving this strain a shot. Pinkman Goo Aroma, Flavor and Appearance: Pinkman Goo is simply gorgeous, with bright pink and purple fluorescent flower centers that leach over to the buds. Even if this strain is not that high in THC content, it certainly does not lack noticeable trichome crystals. And of course, the characteristic goo that helped this cannabis get its name. Surrounding the violet and rosie inner leaves are deep green water leaves that perfectly compliment the intensity of the pink. Amongst the fluorescent buds are faded orange and brown pistils, those tiny hairs that curl and twist upwards, dancing effortlessly amongst the frosty sugar leaves. Because this plant is an indica, it is quite short in stature, making it compact enough for growing in smaller spaces. Pinkman Goo has a sweet and pleasant flavor, with a smooth smoke that hits the lungs with complete ease.

The flavor features elements of floral and earth, but overall it tastes quite mild. Aroma wise, there is nothing too pungent here, mostly the scent of flowers and earth with hints of the classic marijuana stink. For those who enjoy something smooth and mild, this is an outstanding choice. Pinkman Goo Grow Info: The most hands-on way to learn how to cultivate Pinkman Goo is to watch the countless hours of grow guide videos that CaliCropDoc provides on their website. Pinkman Goo’s creators provide a wealth of knowledge about how to successfully have a harvest from this plant. These brilliant breeders and professional cultivators also spend a lot of time explaining about the process of getting this crop to ooze its characteristic and notorious sap. Achieving this actually requires some very specific actions. CaliCropDoc is immensely hands-on about making sure that those who are growing their seeds won’t feel lost during the process.

This is why they are such a prolific help if you’re going to attempt to achieve a harvest from this maple-syrup like strain. Pinkman Goo contains an average THC content of 18%, making it one of the more manageable strains on the market today. Pinkman Goo Effects: Being an indica, Pinkman Goo is especially relaxing and calm-inducing , allowing its consumers to fall into a blissful and meditative state. The high is long-lasting, regardless of its lower THC content, making for a great smoke if tranquility and restfulness is what you desire.


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